Beginner tips to help improve online visibility

Beginner tips to help improve online visibility

Internet has given market a much needed break from physical presence. There are newer companies who are operating online without any physical presence whereas in the twentieth century there are businesses’ starving from the online sales that they could achieve in no time.

They are missing it on the opportunities of increasing sales. Internet has opened doors for everyone.

With increasing opportunity comes competition. Every business needs to keep themselves updated in order to reach the customers. There comes a need to become easily visible on the search engine results. Many people underestimate the power of online visibility and the adverse effect it could have on their sales. Here are few ways in which companies can increase their visibility online.

Encourage customer reviews and ratings

In order to have customer involvement, companies need to get more of customer reviews. The more reviews you have, the more confidence it will built with newer customers. This helps in building trust in the brand. Google also ranks the website based on the reviews and ratings provided by genuine customers. The better the reviews a company receives, the greater the possibility it will have to rank higher in the search engine results.

Update the site

Search engines like Google rank the websites based on the content. Websites need to update their content or web page frequently in order to rank on the top pages of the search results. Eve adding few keywords or images helps in doing the job. One could go in for adding articles, demonstrations, videos or content on a weekly basis. If you have a web page containing blogs that would make the job much easier. As blogs carry high level of content, there are more chances of visitors visiting the page frequently to receive fresh set of information. Moreover, content is the king and people would be visiting the website only if they receive productive and creative content on the website.

Claim on Google listing

Most of you would have come across reputed names of doctors or businessman where in one can claim their presence. This stands true on websites like Practo. If you have a physical presence, you can claim your authenticity on Google listings. This will help customers find your business location easily. Customers will also be able to view and review the service quality on the page.

SEO is the king

SEO is one such term that one cannot ignore if they want to go online. SEO plays a key role in improving the visibility on the search engine. The better optimized the content on the webpage, the more the possibility is to rank on the top pages of search engine results. These on-page optimization techniques should be done from a known source to reep maximum benefit. There are various local search consultants that help in making the products more visible when they are in search of it.

Social media networks

In order to increase the customer engagement, companies need to get active on few social media networks. Contest or quizzes keep them engaged and increase the online visibility. Based on the offerings, company can choose few social media platforms like Instagram or Pintrest. These platforms give viewers a visual treat in which you can highlight the product quality. Facebook and Twitter are few other platforms that others can choose to adapt.

Run Facebook ads

Facebook allows companies to run ads for a stipulated period of time. Based on their search engine results, these ads also get published on their news feed making higher possibility of them to view the ad. For example, if someone views pregnancy related topics or pages on their search engine, Facebook detects that and sends ads related to that. Momzjoy, Mom & Me are few ads that they would get to see.

As online market place is a competitive area and relationship with Google changes every second, companies shouldn’t stick to one idea of increase the online visibility. Online footprints need a combination of all. Various SEO companies are on a task of identifying those long tail keywords that are relevant to your site.  Hiring a good SEO company will help master technical elements which will help increase the visibility on the search engine results.  

Posted by Ganesh Reddy

Ganesh Reddy

Ganesh Reddy is the Manager of Creative Content Development & SEO Analyst of PurpleSyntax Digital Marketing Agency, Hyderabad. He has 5 years of experience in digital marketing and likes to share his thoughts about the digital marketing strategies. He’s passionate about learning new technologies to enhance the digital experience.

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