A Checklist to Remember Before You Launch Your First Website

A Checklist to Remember Before You Launch Your First Website

The world has gone digital. Introduction of the world wide web has created a global platform and has wide opened the gates for startups and it brings millions of opportunities to please your right audiences and start profiting.

Websites are the most fundamental part of the internet and hence, it has become essential to own a website to create your online presence.
There are over 1.94 billion websites in the world (January 2019 data). Making your website unique and beautiful becomes important as it helps in creating your own identity among your competitors. Also, there are various aspects and parameters to consider before your first website gets launched to reach your potential audiences easily and enhance the results.

Aspects to Consider Before Launching Your First Website

Your website is responsible for creating your brand image. Impressing your users the first time when they visit your website is important to gain their interest and build relations. And hence, before progressing to launch your website, it is important to double-check the following parameters to ensure your website is excellently working and provides enhanced user experience.

Website Layout & Design

The layout of your website determines everything. The website layout plays an important role in impressing viewers when they land on your website. A clean and well-formatted layout can guide the viewer excellently while the opposite may annoy them a lot. Broken links, irrelevant content, unorganized modules, poor font and color choices and more simply lead the viewer to the conclusion of never visiting the website again, ever.
Your website layout should represent who you are and what you are capable of. For example, consider a website of an app development company that intends to market its product. If their website layout is not mobile-friendly and capable enough to impress viewers, they are directly going to predict how their app would look even though they have not seen it. Therefore, it becomes important to manage your website layout in a way that is stylish but at the same time, simple and organized.
To obtain an excellent and suiting layout for your website, it is essential to concentrate highly on the website design. The design of the website should be relevant to your niche. (There is no point in putting up images of cute dogs in an online beauty store!) Therefore, it is required to keep the website design under strict control. The scope for creativity is open but it should be directed in the right way. The website design greatly affects the layout and ultimately, the overall look of your website.

Check Website Content

Your website content determines the expertise of your team. Without engaging content, your website might seem dull to most of the viewers and they might lose their interest, permanently. Therefore, the content quality across all the web pages should be maintained high. The page content can also help you use SEO measures that help your website rank higher in search engines.
Your page content should be flawless. No grammatical errors or duplicate content are allowed. Starting from the contact details to your product or service descriptions, everything should stick to its means and ensure user engagement. Good content is a way to reach your customers' hearts while impressing the search engines also. There should be no error of any kind in the page else it might turn out against you and website traffic may be impacted.

Website Features & Functionalities

All features and functionalities integrated into your website should work perfectly. There should be no loose end from your side when the website gets launched. Forms, videos, audios, images, and other media files should work perfectly and provide excellent support for enhanced user experience.
Before launching your website, it is important to check all the resources made available for downloads are perfectly placed at their right location. There should not be any redirects unless necessary and the website features should be clearly mentioned to help viewers find them easily. The interlinking of web pages should be done efficiently to reduce any chances of errors.

Website Speed and Mobile-friendly Design

These two are the most essential concerns to look out for as they directly relate to SEO. As Google has clearly kept these two criteria as their prime factors for ranking websites in search results, it is important for you to ensure your website is optimized for both. As 51.51% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, it is important to optimize your website for mobile users and ensure every function works the same as it is displayed in the desktop version.
Page speed is also an important criterion when ranking higher in Google search results. No matter how great your website looks or feels, the page speed determines whether the viewer will stay on the web page or leave. In the fast-paced world of today, it has become necessary to offer the best services. Whether you deliver an app like uber or a website, it is important to optimize them to generate the best possible outputs and increase user count.

Website and User Security

What if your website gets down for a little while? Will it impact the number of viewers? Of course, it does. Moreover, the website that is prone to hacking attempts and vulnerable to any cyber attacks is kept at the bottom of the list. Therefore, making your website secure from all these potential hacking attempts is necessary to ensure your website viewers trust your website. Even if for any reason, the website data gets corrupted or wiped out, it is necessary to have a backup ready to kickstart your website again in no time.
This ensures you never lose any of your potential viewers and provide the best services to all your audiences with your perfect website.

Adhere to Rules and Policies

For every website that gets launched, they are bound to follow the best practices that don't compromise with the viewer's security and protect the confidentiality of their data. To get in the good books of search engines and ensure the best user experience is offered to your users, it is important to understand and follow the rules designed. While it obviously aims at providing security to viewers, it can also ensure your website looks right and provides a boost in the search results also.

What Comes After the Launch?

Once you check your website to ensure all required elements are included in it, it can be launched successfully in the market. While building your website get in touch with an SEO expert to make sure your website ranks well on Google. To gain viewers' attention from the first day onwards, you can first create a hype in the market around your website and plan the launch that can attract many eyes over what your website is capable of.
But once your website gets launched, the work doesn't stop. Launching a website is the first step of starting your online journey and it keeps on getting more interesting as time passes. The updates in ranking algorithms, changing digital marketing constraints, regular updates on the latest trends and more affects your website performance. Therefore, until you are competing in the market actively, it is important to keep your website updating and maintaining it in the best way possible to earn more viewers and create your own identity in the market.

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