9 Things You Need to Think About to Increase the Security of Your Business

9 Things You Need to Think About to Increase the Security of Your Business

No matter what kind of business you have, you will have a lot you will need to protect.

From data for marketing, legal documentation, and records (your own or people you work with), making sure that you are doing your best to protect all this information is very important, not only for your own safety but for that of others you work alongside with and even customers. So, here we will be having a look at nine things you need to think about to increase your business’s security.

Smartphone Security

Smartphones can be used for anything these days and their use within a business has become more important over recent years. Whatever you use your smartphone for, they all contain a massive load of personal information and can even be a company network access point. The use of these devices has become so addictive and they have proven to be very beneficial. However, alongside this convenience is a heightened security risk.

A Strong Password

Having tough passwords to crack throughout your company can be inconvenient at times, but it’s a simple yet effective safety precaution that should be implemented as soon as it’s possible to do so. If data was breached or there was a crash within your network, that would be much more inconvenient than remembering a strong password. Here is some advice on selecting a strong password for your company devices.

Key Control Policies

So much attention is paid to threats that come with technology that people forget the simple things such as looking after the keys. Although small, these little metal objects hold a lot of power. Mechanical keys leave no trail, so if any supplies in your inventory go missing, then there is no way to tell who unlocked the door to access them. Doing simple things like printing ‘do not duplicate’ on the keys, designing a master key system and/or making sure keys are signed out are ways to implement a key control policy.

Social Media Policy

A new kind of security concern has been created when it comes to emails and social networking. These technologies make it easy to spread and obtain information and once that information has got itself out there, it is very rare to recall it. Appropriate content for your company emails and pages used for social media should be addressed in your email policy. It is best to work on the assumption that nothing on the internet will remain private.

High-Security Deadbolt Installation

Deadbolts are a form of physical security that is standard for the protection of exterior doors. When installed properly, a deadbolt will have the power to protect your doors from an attack. Even the most determined intruders won’t make their way through. Here are some tips on how to choose the right deadbolt lock for your external doors.

Alarm Systems

There is an array of alarm security systems that are able to offer many different methods of protection. These systems have been designed to detect, make a decision, and then act upon that decision when they are in use. Having a reliable alarm system installed isn’t something you should do by yourself. Having a professional to install it is necessary for a variety of reasons, one of which is so you can tell them exactly what you want out of the system. A professional will also be able to tell you everything you need to know about the system you’ve just had installed, so you know how to work it properly and you can get the best out of it. Alarm systems can get very complicated and can be personalized (for example, alerts can be sent to your smartphone or straight to the local police department), so it is worth taking the time to select the right one.

Security Cameras

The use of security cameras can be used to investigate any situation that might occur on your property, and they can be used as a deterrent. Most of the time, the images collected via these cameras can be reviewed if a crime or incident that required further investigation was to take place so a better understanding could be formed. However, it has been proven that setting up a CCTV camera can deter bad situations as people know they are being watched. The four best placement sites for external security cameras are the front door, back door, first-floor windows, and the backyard. Interior cameras are also advised, especially at the front desk.

Visitor Management Policies

Having visitors that haven’t been authorized or escorted is considered to be a physical threat to your business and can put delicate information on your property at risk. To avoid this, it is advised that you have an entry point to your facility (such as a reception desk) and/or people on the door to monitor and register people who come in and out. If you need people on the door, create job listings like these jobs, so you can find the right people to not only protect and diffuse situations but to watch what’s going on at all times. They should not be underestimated. Examples of = visitor access policies include having a check-in and check-out system, making guests sign a non-disclosure agreement, assigning visitor badges, accompanying visitors with an employee, banning photographs and guest network access.

Floor Marshalls

If you have a big company, recognizing every single new employee, vendor or contractor can be next to impossible. Also, people don’t tend to question individuals they don’t recognize. Intruders are aware of this and alongside a non-existent or lax visitor management policy, it is extremely easy for them to obtain access to an unprotected facility, steal items or information from your property or even physically harm people. Having a floor marshal will ensure that your business is protected against these intruders.

Although cybercrime is on the rise, it is just as important to protect your business from physical threats. When it comes to securing a business, all these factors need to be considered. At the end of the day, once someone accesses sensitive information or steals valuables from your property, then in the majority of cases, it’s too late. So, make sure everything is covered.

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