9 Reasons Why We Love WordPress For Website Development

9 Reasons Why We Love WordPress For Website Development

WordPress is appreciated as the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and platform for blogging.

A stat also proves that around 24% of the websites on the planet is operated using WordPress. As a result of technology, WordPress is not the only platform and tool for CMS and blogging. Being so, why is it appreciated so high? What is so special in? Continue reading to know some of the significance given to WordPress by the modern web development company.

No need for paying

Is there anyone to say no when you get some qualities things free? Definitely no! WordPress is open source in nature and so the users need not pay for it. If you need it, you can simply download them for free and start building the website from such kind of starch. Some hassles like paying of heavy fee for license will be eliminated. Further, you can simply hire WordPress developer and start with the work. With this, your website is not going to dig a hole in your pocket.

Availability of themes

Uniqueness is a favorite tool for everyone! With the help of WordPress, it is possible to bring out some unique themes for your site and make your site outstanding. Do you think that WordPress is meant only for some blogging? If this is your thought, you are wrong. It is possible to create some eCommerce websites and functional websites using WordPress. Move on with the themes and select them for the best start.

Take advantage over SEO

When you have decided to develop the site, you might have some idea over the tools to enhance your SEO and ranking for your site. Now, again WordPress comes into the picture as it is the most efficient tool for enhancing SEO for your site. It will help in better results, offering more visibility in any search engines. When there is the best SEO, it is paved for the better reach to the audience. Make use of WordPress and bring up your site at the top.

Enhances support and security

WordPress is around 1 year old in the market and with the popularity; it has a massive following and developer support community. These massive crowds of developers and the support have created a range of different plug-in and several help sites. All these helped in some discussion regarding several issues and to gain more solutions. You will also be secured with some regular updates and offer continued better service for the websites and blogs.

Easy installation

If you are looking for something that should offer an easy way of installing within very few clicks, the best one would be WordPress. It does not ask you to manage the files and upload them through an FTP. Certain managed WordPress companies have also taken such technology to some easier step by handling complete installation, security, maintenance, backups required for the site.

Different options to connect to the customer

As it offers the best way for enhancing SEO and making an appealing site, your customers will get the best site for seeking information and join in your blogging site for several discussions. Also, this will motivate the customers to engage in some eCommerce activities and become your customers.


With the quality of adaptability, it cannot be taken for granted. It is designed in such a manner that it will be flexible enough to accommodate all the requirements through the plug-in and extensions. You might use CMS for a small business website or other personal blog or even you may try to implement it as the eCommerce website.

Mobile friendly

With the site, it is possible to design a site that is friendly to any smart devices like smartphones, desktops, tablets, etc. It is easy to design and accessible in such different platforms. When you are logging in to the site in such different mediums, they are automatically responsive. The themes offer will also be suitable at all the platforms.

Multi-user capability

Today, the business might have different people who have equal responsibilities and rights over the business. It is highly suitable for these instances. The availability of the option makes it simple to assign different tasks to different people. It offers different roles like super admin, admin, editor, author, subscriber, and contributor.

Final thoughts

Only with the right type of website host, it is possible to properly post all your contents to gain more interest over your business. This is not only the area where you can expose your blogs but also instances where people will check out the business and make some business deals with you. You need to be careful in every move to make a positive end. By now, you might have some found the most important reasons for the people to make high advantage over WordPress.

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Ritesh Patil
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