9 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your eCommerce Development

9 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your eCommerce Development

eCommerce has become the recent trend and craze among the businesses these days. If you are looking to develop an online store too; here, we come up with 9 ways to improve the eCommerce development for your online store.

Since a decade now eCommerce development has thrived its journey long enough with all the ups and downs.

Whether a business global or local, eCommerce has proven the efficiency to cater to the customers and boost up the sales.

We come across the stats saying that by 2021, eCommerce retail sales will hit the Global market by $4.5 trillion of online revenue.

eCommerce is highly booming in the market and becoming necessary for the entrepreneurs to learn and apply in their businesses to keep competing in the global market.

If you are an active eCommerce business, you will be coming across many tutorials, podcasts or educational videos every day showing you the tips and tricks to improve your eCommerce store or eCommerce development.

However, you are not just making it yet unless you apply them yourself.

If you are planning to go long, you first need starting with one step and then continuously improving or enhancing across every coming step.

While applying these tips, you may make mistakes or face failures; but always understand and remember that “failures are a part of success.”

Thus start learning and applying the tips to get the desired output.

Here, I come up with 9 most creative ways to help you improve your eCommerce Development and the sales through the store.

The below listed are the three primary vital aspects of an eCommerce store’s success.


Whether you are developing an eCommerce website or an eCommerce mobile app, the key important aspect to focus is the development.

If you want a successful eCommerce store, you must focus that the development is going on the right track and covering the essential aspects such as the below ones.

  • 1. Product Identification and Classification

    If you already have a retail store, you might be aware of what the product identification and classification means.

    An eCommerce store is an online representation of your physical retail store.

    Identify which products you would like to represent on your eCommerce store.

    Classify each product and the variety available in that product range.

    Further, if you don’t have a physical retail store, that’s nothing to worry about.

    All you need to do is understand what the product you want to trade for is and what are the classifications.

    Once you understand the product type, you can get the relevant eCommerce website development services to help you develop the desired website.
  • 2. Deciding Store appearance

    It is quite apparent that the beautiful looking things always attract customers into it.

    The same thing goes with your eCommerce store. You need to focus on how your store can appear to your customers.

    The design should be simple and still be attractive to your customers.

    If you have an elegant store, it will tempt your visitors to stay a while more on your eCommerce store and browse for more products.

    Along with the design, you need to beautify the product presentation as well.

    A customer has nothing to do with your store’s beauty unless they get what they want.

    Make the product images as stylish as possible to appeal more and more customers to it.

    Make the pages appear neat as well as charming when the visitors go on the next page.

    Choose the most knowledgeable eCommerce website design services who can help you with the design as desired along with making the store useful for your sales.
  • 3. Focusing on Store’s UI and UX

    An eCommerce store is nothing but a digital platform which can either be a website or a mobile application.

    You need to assure that your user is enjoying the interface and having the best experience on your eCommerce website.

    Along with a beautiful looking store, you need to make sure that the store is quite easy to navigate through different pages, products, services, and the menu.

    Also, see to it that the website or the application does not take much time to load. Neglecting this part will only draw out the visitors out from your store without any shopping.

    You may come across some problems while designing for the best UI and UX for your website; so, you need to look out for the best eCommerce website solutions having powerful impacts on UI and UX.
  • 4. Choosing the effective eCommerce Platform

    With the never-ceasing revolution in the technology, there have emerged various platforms for eCommerce Development as well.

    However, it is not necessary that every software platform will suit your eCommerce website development process.

    You need to check and clearly understand which eCommerce platform can match all your store requirements maintaining the essential effectiveness.

    You can choose between a hosted and a self-hosted platform for your store as per the requirements and budget.

    Many hosted platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and many others are available in the market having specific features to provide enrichment to your store.

    However, you need to select the correct one for your business.

    For example, looking at the product details you feel that Magento development services may suit your eCommerce store, then you need to opt for your store to be programmed in the Magento platform.
  • 5. Hire Best eCommerce Development Company

    Once, you have decided the product details, the outlet and the platform for your business store; you need to hire the appropriate help for the development.

    For example, if you choose Magento for your store’s development; you must find out one best Magento developer or search out for the top Magento development companies to get the best of the Magento eCommerce development services for your online store.

    Whatever the platform you choose, getting the best eCommerce development company will help your business get the benefits all possible from your eCommerce store.
  • 6. Testing the eCommerce Development

    You have hired the best eCommerce development company, now what?

    You have assigned them the tasks, and your store’s eCommerce development has started getting on the track.

    No matter, what was the rank of your outsourced partner in the list of top eCommerce development companies, you always need to be sure of your project’s performance.

    A professional eCommerce development company knows it is quite sufficient to divide the complete project into small stages.

    Every stage in the project will be covering a single or maybe two or more small aspects of the project as a whole.

    Once each stage is finished with the development process, perform the testing program onto the aspect.

    If you hire the best eCommerce development company, they are aware of various testing methods to check the efficiency of the features while eCommerce development.

    Testing at small intervals helps you to make any amendments or improvements if required in that feature and help improve the UX in the final output.

Digital Marketing Ecommerce Strategy


You have been through all the eCommerce development phases and have got your online store live on the server.

However, you can yet not count it as completed. Having the product in your hands is not enough, you need to advertise about it in the market.

  • 1. Applying Marketing Strategies

    While thinking of marketing, you can come up with thousands of marketing strategies in your mind yet fall short of those.

    However, it is very much required to apply some of the opportune marketing strategies to promote your online store as well the products in the store.

    To promote your store, you can choose the below strategies which are so far considered to be the best fitting to gather the audience on the store:
  • Email Marketing
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Also, you bring traffic by promoting your store’s products through these strategies:

  • Free vouchers
  • Coupon codes
  • Season Sales
  • Day-End Sales
  • Rush-Hour Sales
  • Free Shipping
  • Promotional offers

These are some of the handfuls of the strategies you can apply for marketing of your store and the product; however, you never know when you fall short of the schemes or the ones you know and are implementing, give you no more profit.

In such a case you can look out for one best eCommerce development company to help you with the tricks and tactics to work on the marketing.


You have now applied various marketing strategies to promote your store and boost the traffic of the customers.

However, people visiting your eCommerce website isn’t enough. You built the online store to attain a specific number or more sales for your products.

So, what should you do now?

  • Check the conversion rate

By the word conversion over here, I mean to ask you to check the conversion of visitors into customers.

You have applied enough strategies to bring up the traffic to your online store; also, you have advertised many promotional offers for your products which undoubtedly would have brought your store much visitors.

However, it is not enough people just visiting your store; you need them to make the purchase.

Check on every strategy you applied if they are bringing the desired result and within the required timeline or not.

Don’t wait for your visitors for forever to convert their visit into a purchase.

If you feel a particular strategy not working, change it or remove it.

If you find a strategy functioning, then try modifying and enhancing it. Re-apply with better aspects in that strategy so that it gives you more result than the previous application.

Keep a detailed eye on every strategy. Don’t keep the ends loose.

Make regular updates on your store with the help of your appointed eCommerce development company on every strategy.


You have developed a beautiful eCommerce store; however, compromising on security can be dangerous for the business.

  • Tighten the Securitys

An eCommerce store is not about only selling the products but also, about maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers.

To purchase your eCommerce store, people will require to enter their personal as well as card details for which everyone needs assured security.

Consider the security aspects as the most important ones in your eCommerce website development process; because it is okay if the website is simple looking but not okay if it is loose on security.

Good security also helps in enriching the user experience.

Make sure that there do not occur any bugs or threats in the eCommerce stores code.

If you feel that some glitches are occurring, ask your appointed eCommerce development company to perform the bug testing and resolve the glitches occurring in the store.

Accept the best security partners to make sure of the secure payments on your store.

Wrapping up

You have considered all the important aspects during the eCommerce development for your business. However, it would help if you also were active towards your customer’s queries.

Make sure to listen to their queries and resolve the issues if they have any.

Further, if you hire the best eCommerce development company, they will be potential and experienced enough to help you with the desired eCommerce development and with the further maintenance it will require.

Here, we work as one of the top eCommerce designing company in India and the USA providing the best and most efficient eCommerce website design services.

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