8 Integrated Solutions to Earn Major Edge In Business

8 Integrated Solutions to Earn Major Edge In Business

When it comes to building a business that is responsive to its clients and customers and highly adaptable to changes in the industry and economy, being lean and efficient are crucial.

And that can only come from having an integrated team with one clear all-consuming purpose.
Anything that builds this all-consuming unity of purpose and effort will give any business organization that unquestionable distinct edge in any industry or economy. Here are eight integrating solutions the will put your business at the top of its game.

Be Crystal Clear About Your Niche

Being very clear about who your specific customer helps your business to differentiate its service from any other competitor. Just make sure the niche has enough market and upward growth for your business to ride on for its future. Clarity of your target niche prevents you from being all over the place and a master of none. This has an integrative effect on your business organization.

Measure What You Want to Improve

Measure what you want to improve. It’s true for any business. Without measuring the result of your efforts, it’s very difficult to adjust which is needed for any business to excel. Measuring requires discipline. It requires effort and time to set the criteria. You’ll need some resource and perhaps creativity. And you may have to communicate the result.

Work On Getting Everybody Focusing On What They’re Good At

Every business starts off with just one, you. You’re doing everything alone. But you realize quickly if you want the business to grow, you need other people. And as you grow your team, you have a realization - the business progresses more when people focus on what they’re good at.
An efficient and highly effective team has enough members performing at a high level in their areas of expertise. If you don't have anyone with the specialized sales capability, get someone outside. That's what is outsourced sales. Getting more and more people in your business working on their strengths and interest allows the business to be more integrative.

Building a Learning Organization

Improving 1% each day is not an easy culture to acquire because excellence like this is integrative from the very top and right at the point of hiring or partnering.
It will require the business owner and leadership to set the example in order to set the tone within the community. It’ll have to show itself in how they interact with their team and in their policies. Building a learning organization is a quality that makes any business stand out and thrive.

Get Everyone Involved in Making the Customer Experience

The business serves its customer. This is the execution of service or offering products that solves and enhance the customer’s life. Very much in line with building a learning organization, everyone must be involved in forming the customer experience. This starts from how they are given 100% attention, the depth of understanding of their needs, the clarity of solution offered, the delivery of product or service and the continued attention and relationship built after.
This level of organizational attention results in an integrative culture of customer care that will for certain raise the company’s standing.

Strengthen the Cohesion of Your Team

It starts with recognizing everyone’s strengths and what each can contribute to a common goal. When everyone knows what their contributing skills are and how they all complement each other in this one goal, the result is an agile team churning out incremental results one after another.
Having everyone respecting each other’s area of contribution and complementing and supporting each other to bring out the best possible result is truly integrative and a standout.

Provide Everything Everyone Needs To Get The Job Done

While businesses often have to be resourceful in order to get the job done, it’s important for the effectiveness of its members' efforts to be provided whatever they need to reach their goal. This is the role of leadership. Nothing frustrates its members more than not providing the tools and means they need to do their work.

Provide a Period of Rest as a Policy

While everyone is encouraged to put 101% into their role in the business, effectiveness also comes from getting enough rest to sustain and become exponentially productive. Businesses have seen a rise of creativity and productivity when its invested members are given the time to process their experiences and even to officially spend time away from their work.
This rest period can be integrated into the member’s work routine while still meeting the deadlines of common objectives. Any organization

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Laura Graham

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