7 Tips to Make Site Attractive and Professional

7 Tips to Make Site Attractive and Professional

No doubt first impressions last longer. When someone lands on your website, what do you think their gut reaction will be?

This is the foremost question you need to answer. To start with the work of making your website professional and optimized for your particular KPIs, no matter what they are.

You just have a very limited amount of time in order to grab that first impression which is less than 8 seconds. In fact, the importance of getting your website into a perfect shape cannot be overstated.

When any user visits your website, the foremost thing that they notice is the feel and the look of any design. Now does your message stand out? Is it so easy to know where to click exactly? Are the CTAs that loud and apparent? A professional website does not look great and it also performs really great while offering engaging content, smooth navigation, helpful links so that your visitors can find perfectly what they are looking for.

If some user enters your website and is instantly turned off by the design, layout or the inability to do what they wish to do, your content marketing is doomed to fail. In just a blink of an eye, your website may soar, burn or even crash.

So, here are 7 top tips that can help you create the website that you wish to have and one that your readers would love to visit.

Lessen the Loading Time

It hardly matters how professional your website looks. If a viewer needs to wait for just 10 seconds for your page to load, you’ve already lost them. The statistics clearly say, the longer a web page takes to load down, higher is the page abandonment rate. In fact, slow loading time will negatively affect your Google search ranking and burying your site among lower rankings in search results. Just like SEO, loading page will be affected by the programming and page design. There are many different ways to improve your page loading speed, like optimizing the code or reducing the number of redirects, image optimization and more.

Teach your Visitors about your Mission

Just publish your mission and pay attention to your home page, in a mere headline if possible. Just mention your mission in your about page or a blog section. A visitor should understand the goal or mission of your website by simply seeing the homepage or the tagline of your website. Additionally, a logo needs to be appropriate and it needs to represent your business.

Let your visitors know about your company, what they will get from your website, what you offer them and the benefits they can get from it.

Simple Navigation System

Your website needs to have excellent and sample navigation system so that visitors find what they want very easily. Simple navigation of a website not just makes a simple task for any visitor, but at the same time guide the search engine about your contents and projects. Navigation needs to be in a descriptive manner so that a visitor can understand and look for their requirement in the minimum clicks. A good navigation system of the website saves visitor’s time while improving the website ranking in the search engine as well.

Create Attractive Website

Call to Action Text and Color

Visitors spend a few times on your website and now they have an interest in additional action. Certainly, your website should have a few Call-to-action buttons like "Open an account”, “Download”, and so on. Just use the first person voice on the call-to-action button.

Visual Appearance

No doubt content is the king however visual appearance is also an important feature to attract visitors. The website should be rich and decent. The color schemes of a website design can affect your sale. Possibly, you know that color affects the human brain i.e. blue color create some sensation of trust and security and this is often seen with the finance, business, insurance, and banks. Before choosing any color schemes, designs or appearance of a website, you should research on some relevant business website.

Responsive Design

Users of Phablet, tablet, and mobile are rising in all the geographical regions. Therefore, your website should have a good responsive design so that it can easily get surf by the user in any of the devices. The great mobile-friendly website amazes the mobile users and through it, you may engage with millions of mobile users. Additionally, Google considers the mobile-friendly feature in website ranking, eventually, your website gets good ranking in SERPs.

Testimonial Page

Just add a testimonial page in your website. Ask your consumers about your service and something about your company. Just publish their opinion and experience in briefly on the home page. There are many visitors who like reading about your service and company through your consumer’s testimonial.

Live Chat and Contact Details

Add some contact details at the end of the home page. Just mention all the basic information about your business like address, contact email, phone no., fax no. You should add some contact form to a website for interested visitors. Today, many company websites have live chat facility, you may also offer a live chat facility to your consumers through ‘Live Chat’.

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