3 Factors That Are Responsible for Making Instagram the Ideal Platform on Social Media

3 Factors That Are Responsible for Making Instagram the Ideal Platform on Social Media

It is not at all surprising that almost each and every brand is constantly replacing the traditional methods, which are associated with marketing.

They have started using a lot more money and considering marketing over social media. Social media is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the life of consumers. Consumers do not even notice that they are constantly looking at advertisements throughout the news feed. Unlike the traditional methods like newspaper and TV, you do not have the option of flipping the channel or changing the page. You can practically never escape the advertisements on social media platforms.

It is true that there are a number of reputed social media networks but one of the best platforms is definitely Instagram. If you are thinking that only the user base of Instagram is making it ideal, you are absolutely wrong. Given below are three important factors that prove that Instagram is undoubtedly supreme.

Better penetration of the target market

When shopping is being considered, it is good to know that the young women and men are impulsive buyers and it is a simple way to influence the shopping choices that they have. 60% of the users, who are between 18 and 29, have Instagram accounts. Youngsters are responsible for earning a lot of money and they are spending this money willingly if your product is worth purchasing. There is no better place in comparison to Instagram for posting the high-resolution pictures or short videos of the products, and lead your customers to the website.

Better display of content

Instagram is responsible for permitting brands to build an image with the help of pictures and videos in a more effective manner in comparison to Twitter, Facebook, or other social media websites. Most people argue by saying that pictures and videos can be posted on Facebook as well but Instagram is much better because of the user interface. Instagram is accessed by users with the help of the mobile application. Users are only going to view the videos and images. It is known for the clutter-free user interface and hence if you are marketing on social media, you are going to enjoy the best customer engagement on Instagram. If you want to get more likes on your Instagram posts, you can visit stormlikes.com.

Each and every Instagram user is active and they are responsible for spending time here

This is the one place where Instagram has been able to outshine the different other social media networks. Studies have ended up revealing that Instagram users are more interested in liking, commenting, or sharing a picture in comparison to Facebook. This is definitely the best level of engagement that you are going to receive. When you see that the content starts getting shared, it is going to be ideal for the business. One more advantage is that users have a love for Instagram and that is why they prefer spending time here.


Instagram is extremely strict when it comes to handling the fake accounts. It is crucial that you have a proper presence on the other social media platforms as well but you cannot ignore the fact that Instagram needs to be right on the top.

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