7 Things People Hate About Your Website

7 Things People Hate About Your Website

We don’t mean to be rude. We’re sure you’re lovely. But, if your website features one of these irritating design aspects, you’re in trouble! The internet is a wonderful place; it has allowed for anyone with a great idea to start a website and make their name.

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We’re all for this process, but it does create a wealth of competition. There are millions of other sites out there, and if yours irritates people, they’re gone! Here are the seven things people hate most about your website.

1. Pop-ups - Pop-ups are the single most intrusive form of advertising imaginable. They interrupt your web browsing and often ruin your experience. Thankfully, most websites removed third-party pop-ups from their sites. Unfortunately, there’s a trend towards pop-up social invites. Websites now throw a pop-up in your face asking you to ‘like’ or share their page. Give us a second! We’ve only just arrived! Don’t force this conversion, nudge at it instead.

2. Lack of contact information - Studies show that one of the first thing users click on is the ‘contact’ page. They’re looking for easy communication and evidence that you’re a real life business. Offer a simple, easy email address and encourage feedback, opinions and questions.

3. Slow loading times - If a website takes longer than a second or two to load, we’re gone. Internet browsing time is precious and attention spans are short. If your website doesn’t pop open quickly, you’ll lose the customer. Fast loading times are also essential for search engine optimisation. Google indexes quick websites higher than slow loaders.

4. Lengthy sign up process - You’ve done the hard work of luring people to your site. You’ve even teased them into signing up to your email list with a tasty call-to-action. Well done, you’ve succeeded in your website goals. Just don’t lose the conversion through a long and tedious sign up process! You don’t need to collect their mother’s cat’s maiden name or their favourite teacher’s first instrument. You just need one page with a box for their name, email address and location. That’s it. Make it quick, simple and secure the conversion.

5. Automatic media. - There’s nothing worse than audio blasting out of your speakers with no idea where it’s coming from! When this happens, our instinct is to close all the tabs to make it shut up. Nothing will drive people away faster than automatic music or video. Encourage people to click on it, yes, but don’t assume they want to hear or see it.

6. Fussy design - Ask any website design firm, and they’ll tell you that simplicity is crucial. Designers are exploring the merits of white space and stripped-back layouts. Focus on highlighting your product, and remove any unnecessary imagery or wording.

7. Lack of search - Eye tracking studies show that people intuitively look for the search bar. Visitors like to dig into your content to find what they’re looking for. Make this as easy as possible for them. You’re there to provide answers, remember.

Does your website make any of these big mistakes? Take quick steps to change it, or your risk losing customers!

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