7 Simple Tools to Empower Marketing Campaigns in 2019

7 Simple Tools to Empower Marketing Campaigns in 2019

Both offline and online marketing is an excellent investment for any business either small or big.

These investments do not always need your cash. There are many free online and marketing tool that is available and worth your time to test them. So, how will you know that you are spending time on the best marketing tools that will increase your revenue, improve conversions and lead and make your business booming for a long time? Check out the following simple tools that will enhance your marketing:

Microsoft office suite

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Microsoft knows that small and medium businesses rely on technology as the primary strategic tool. Investing in technology assist your company in reducing operating expenses, improving business connections and improve employees’ performance. With Microsoft office suite, you will gain access to accounting tools, spreadsheets, excel and many more. What you need is to download Microsoft office and keep starting simply.

With booming security measures, Microsoft office suite gives you a way to protect data. It boasts account control, troubleshooting, and diagnosis of features and applications. Currently, many businesses demand mobile technology sharing of data and fast communication. Microsoft suite serves as tools for calendars, tasks, events, and email. It also enables you to save, share and access documents. Mobile technology allows you to stay connected with your hustles.

Google Analytics

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Google analytics is the simplest tool that today's' businesses understand. However, many individuals utilize it wrongly. It is a monitoring tool that you can use to target prospects who are interested in your services or products. With Google Analytics, you will know which marketing source is getting more traffic to your site whether paid, direct, organic or campaign. It also shows the location, age, and gender of individuals visiting your website. With all these information, you will learn more on many changes that will increase your visitors and eventually will generate more leads and conversions.

Google Search Console

Another favorite marketing tool is Google Search Console. It was formerly referred to as Google Webmaster Tools. Currently, it is essential to know what is going on globally especially in seo and organic search of your website. You can connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics so that you can track top pages and how you can convert them. You can also view the click-through rates and the impression of your keywords that you are using. If there are any issues about your website, it will point it out. This information will help you look deeper at the internal links of your site.


Marketing tips in 2019

The Buffer is social media marketing tools that will assist you to track your social media accounts. Social media is a powerful and valuable marketing tool, but with Buffer, it will help you to gain more followers. It builds your brand as well as engage audiences. The important of Buffer is its capability to convert multiple social media accounts into a single dashboard. It helps you schedule post and creates campaigns. You can also keep in check the performance of your social media posts. There is a free plan perfect for beginners looking to enhance their social media presence. If you want to increase the power of the software, then you may consider using the upgraded plans.


Branding is a vital step to market your businesses. The logo is no doubt an essential part of branding. It is the face of your company. It is what the clients first notice. However, it is more than just an image. A well-designed logo is a fast way to tell your customers that your company is reliable, trustworthy, and professional and deals in quality services and products. You can use the space free logo maker. It is a valuable tool that will eliminate the need to hire a designer. The free logo maker will interpret your vision of a great logo. In its library, it is filled with many icons, font and frames classes. All these tools will help you in creating a stunning business logo that expresses and empower your brand identity without any training and spending lots of cash.

Hello Bar

If you want many Facebook likes and collect various e-mail, Hello Bar is going to help you get takeover show on particular pages of your site. There is a paid plan Hello Bar, but you can also get everything in a free version. The Hello Bar is a perfect alternative to pop up. It is less annoying and continuously on display. It means that you can present a particular message to people visiting your website without distracting them from general content. It is a successful tool to send traffic to any URL of your choice. It will also increase lead generation. It is a way to encourage the visitors to join your mailing list. For successful usage of Hello Bar, ensure that you keep objectives in mind and consider your design.


Face to face marketing is still an essential form of networking that assists you get more traffic to your website. Networking requires people to know more about you and your company. Putting a name to your firm will create a deep sense of loyalty to visitors and buyers. Make your connections through joining local organizations or associations where your prospects are likely to be found. Over time, these connections will develop to leads. Consider going to trade fairs and exhibitions to connect with prospective buyers and also industry leaders.

An excellent firm is the one that converts attention to initiatives and responds or task to market challenges and consumer needs. Before using the above tools, carry out an extensive analysis of your capabilities, space configuration and desired outcomes.

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