7 SEO Hacks to Use in 2019

7 SEO Hacks to Use in 2019

7 SEO Hacks to Use in 2019

Each year Google algorithms change with frequent other changes in trends around the world.

Although some of the things remain persistent in 2019 with some rapid changes in others. As a result, one must keep with the latest Google trends to stay in top of the Google searches. The following 7 hacks will surely help you in achieving your goal of staying on top.

Using Free SEO Tools

A few free reliable SEO tools are available online don't doubt their performance for being free. They provide accurate information like paid tools. Whether you have a new website or existing one, the free tools will enhance your capability and point out your errors.

The few SEO tools include SeoSmartTools, SEMRush, and Google analytics. Yoast is a plugin which helps your Word Press site for SEO specifically for the startups. If you have jumped into Google rank competition than you must be aware of these simple cost-free SEO tools which are also used by branding companies that offers SEO services to their customers.

Smart Keywords

Keywords will still remain as the best hack for SEO in 2019. Using smart SEO tools one can search for good quality of long tail keywords. Too much keyword stuffing won't help you this year but 3 to 4 keywords on your landing page will do better. Make sure the keywords appear on the title, Meta description, H1, H2, Image and between your texts. for optimizing quality keywords keyword planner, keywords everywhere, etc. are the best tools. They provide free and paid options to optimize your site on SERPS engines.

Quality Content

Quality content is something highly appreciated by google search engines. Staying on top searches is not a game of thrones, in fact, unique and updated content makes it fast. You must check your old content time by time and make the necessary adjustment to it as well. Like, changing of the long tail and short tail keywords. Check for the broken and outdated links before you do anything else to your website. You can get backlinks to your old content by publishing to highly authoritative sites which help in the increase in traffic.

Fresh and unique content will stick your old visitors to your blog and build new audience to your site. At least 1 to 3 articles in a week are recommended to stay updated.

Knowing the Audience

While creating your content one must be aware of the audience for which it is created. In 2019 hacks you must know the taste and expectation of the viewer who reaches your site. The answer to the user's keyword in the search engines must meet your website. If you fail to deliver, such results in bounce back of the audience. Users preferences might change from time to time in 2019 it would be different, so it is important to know audience intent and the right targeted audience for your site. Knowing your audience is not just about age, gender or location its more about their changing interests which one should follow.

Using Social Media Platforms

Social media has always gained importance among its users. People becoming more fond of these channels day by day. So what's the point here.... the main element here is that these platforms gather a huge audience to your site. Most of the people around the world get information about your site through different social media platforms. A community can be built by submitting more and more details of your site when creating accounts in these platforms. A good lead can build potential customers to your site. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snap chat, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp are some of the leading channels. Make sure while targeting your audience as to which channel your niche audience is available. Once you created your accounts in these channels make sure to remain up to date.

High-Quality Backlinks

2019 has still opened its arms for backlinks; it will remain an important factor for getting good traffic. A few, high-quality backlinks will improve your site search, instead of spending time in creating low quality and scam backlinks using black hat techniques. It might harm the reputation of your website. For safe scrolling visit HTTP sites and encrypted secured websites. You need to focus on the quality of backlinks to help you rank first and not poor quantity.

Website speed and User-friendly

Workloads make people hasten throughout their daily routine. They want things to be done quickly and appropriately. Users want a website to load hurriedly on their laptop and mobile devices. If the sites fail to do so they will leave and enhance the search console. Google expects to load a webpage within 3 seconds. Slow and steady never wins the race in 2o19, as there is competition around. This will ultimately lose your audience and a bounce back results in harm to your site.

People become more and more mobile friendly in 2019. A well formatted user-friendly website will gather good quality viewers.


Follow these simple hacks to gain your audience confidence in your site. Google algorithms change each year, to meet those crucial changes you must act accordingly to save your site visitors.

Posted by Harry Patrick

Harry Patrick
The article has been written by Harry who works as SEO Expert in Getz Branding. He works for various digital marketing companies.

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