7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Web Design Skills

7 Quick Tips to Improve Your Web Design Skills

Designing a website is probably one of the most frustrating and most rewarding activities in the digital sphere.

It is frustrating because clients and users all have their varying perspectives about the design. In short, the struggle with subjective views is a daily encounter. On the other hand, web designing is rewarding, particularly when the website is all done. When you look at your creation, it feels like you have emerged victorious from a mountain of revisions. It feels as if you’re an artist or a writer looking at a new masterpiece made from a pile of drafts.
While there are absolutely no shortcuts in web designing, there are tricks to help designers reduce the frustration brought about by their craft. Generally, web design is about creativity. The job of creating the logo design, graphic design, and the entire web design entails fresh ideas every single day. Hence, whether you are a new or an experienced designer, you can use the following tips to become better at your craft.

Practice writing codes every single day

Writing codes is a basic skill for any web designer. As such, it only follows that web designers can improve their skills through mastering codes. Just like any other professional would tell you, practice is key to attaining expertise. By writing codes every day, you can improve your typing skills, you can locate usual mistakes, and therefore, avoid them in the future. Besides, you can learn the shortcuts of your favorite code editor. As each day passes, code writing will be an easier task. Thus, you can be more productive and finish your web design faster.

Make it a goal to learn a new skill every month

Trends in web design come and go. If you are a web designer who only sticks with a graphic design or a logo design you are familiar with, you might have to rethink your career choices. As with every other profession, web designing entails continuous learning. The Internet offers various web design tutorials of new trends. Make it a habit to check out current trends so you don’t get left behind in the designing game. Make it a goal to learn a new skill every month. This way, you become exposed to the basics of every possible language, design, or tool that will be helpful for your next projects.

Take time to rest and pause

Regular practice undoubtedly makes you an expert at your craft. However, some downtime is key to coming up with fresh ideas for your design, too. You have probably heard this tip from your artist friends, and it is really valuable. After all, our mind and body can just take too much work. You don’t want to risk getting burned out and stressed about thinking of new designs to use, do you? Believe me, some rest can help you become more productive and more inspired to work. Plus, your body will surely thank you for it.

Get inspiration from nature

If you are a designer who struggles to find the perfect colors to incorporate into your design, try looking at nature. In connection with the previous advice, it is recommended to have some rest in a relaxing place surrounded by nature. Take your camera. Capture that perfect shot. Get inspiration from the beautiful colors of the environment.

Continue to explore open-source projects like Github

Open-source projects are great opportunities to improve your skills as a web designer. On platforms like Github, you can immerse yourself in code writing and designing. Other designers, both experts and newbies, can comment on your work to help widen your perspective in web design. By contributing to open-source projects, you can learn how to deal with constructive criticism and find yourself getting better at it over time. Plus, other designers can introduce a new approach you can use in your designs.

Join web design competitions

Competitions improve one’s skills. This is a fact that has been established in every field other than web design. Through joining competitions, you can evaluate your progress as a web designer. Moreover, you can take inspiration from designs of top-performing competitors. Furthermore, competitions are high-pressure events, and the pressure actually helps in squeezing your creativity out.

Don’t rely on the computer too much

Computers are essential technology for a web designer. However, it is helpful to use paper or a whiteboard as you plan out your design. When you have a concrete plan that you’re happy with, then it’s time to use your computer and start designing.
Getting better at web design doesn’t come easily. It is a must to continue working and improving your skills, especially if you want to pursue a long-term career in web design.

Posted by Fazreen Razeek

Fazreen Razeek
Fazreen Razeek is a Dubai web design agency enthusiast. When he is not pursuing his passion for education technology, Fazreen writes engaging content that aims to offer advice about trending web development tools.

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