7 Killer Ecommerce Tips To Grab Traffic This Holiday Season

7 Killer Ecommerce Tips To Grab Traffic This Holiday Season

More than $600 billion. That is what consumers in US spend on online shopping during winter holiday season, compared to $150 billion during summer holiday season.

This makes it clear that winter months especially November & December are the months to wind up sales four times more as compared to summer months during the year.

For retailers, whether owning a physical brick and mortar store, or ecommerce store, there could be no better time to have ecommerce sales than during festive months.

As summer takes a backseat, and winter takes a plunge, shoppers shell out thousands of dollars to collect their holiday gifts or goodies for themselves, or for loved ones.

When to start planning for ecommerce promotions in advance? Ideally you should start planning for holiday season starting from the last week of September, and finalizing things until the first week of October.

Ideally, shopping starts from the occasion of thanksgiving in late November. However, people have tendency to plan shopping well in advance, to take advantage of Halloween promotions.

Before preparing yourself for the online shopping tornado, it is wise to set up your ecommerce store first with these simple tips.

Get A Nice Customized Holiday Theme In Place

First thing you need to take into account here is the color palette. Choose a color matching the festival time. Adding related festive graphics is an icing on the cake.

Make use of banners, sliders, illustrations, silhouettes, and more to have store deliver an impactful festive effect.

Choose fonts that are not too decorative, and even make use of holiday season based simplistic words.

Have Informative Blog Giving Valuable Content

Do not restrict yourself with selling only products or services. People are always hungry for reading content that is valuable and difference maker.

Talk about the technologies related to your industry, provide exciting insights on interesting subjects, compare between products, review a range of products, and more.

Maintaining a blog like this will let shoppers see you as the market leader, and even stick to your blog for a while, which might ultimately turn into a sale.

Reach Out To Powerful Social Media Influencers

When starting off with a new ecommerce store, do get in touch with powerful social media influencers on Twitter or Instagram using hash tags, making it noticeable to popular people right off the bat.

You can even reach out to established bloggers belonging to your industry, or contact press for getting a nice coverage of your store.

Have your family and friends talking all over the place.

Send out emails to your subscribers or customers

As per a recent study from Direct Marketing Association, email marketing delivers an ROI of 3800%, with 72% people preferring promotional material over email rather than social media.

38% people subscribe to email list just because they want to receive special offers through mail.

Email marketing is still considered the best form of content marketing for a number of reasons like:

  • Newsletters inform people about latest products and also provide updates regarding your business.
  • Drip campaigning works best when you want to attract same customer again and again at regular intervals with different offers.
  • Reminding people every now and then regarding cart abandonment.
  • Rewarding loyal customers with huge discounts, credit points, or cash backs.
  • Re-engage all those customers who have lost track of your store.
  • Ask for testimonials and feedbacks to build your credibility.
  • Build relationships through perfect balance of solutions that addresses user problems and Call to Actions.

Remarketing Is An Ideal Form Of Personalized Marketing

This is a form of marketing wherein you reach out to your past visitors anonymously to show them a tailored message, with an aim to get those visitors back on board who left your site for one or other reasons.

The message appears while these visitors are browsing your store, and hence it delivers a highly customized experience, making them feel special, starting with a satisfaction buildup.

This way you are opening up the chances for reaching out to potential customers who earlier left your site, but now seem interested.

PPC Advertising Is Perfect For Organic Marketing

Organic SEO is definitely competitive and time consuming. However, when opting for PPC campaigns, you might have to shell out money from your pockets, but surely guaranteed of seen by users on search engines.

Try to go for low cost PPC campaigns in the beginning.

If observing good enough success, you can always escalate your PPC cost to get more campaigns in place.

Start Holiday Conversation On Social Media

Email marketing is the first thing you would do in order to promote your ecommerce store, since it a sure shot way to inform your loyal customers, as well as approach new customers.

However, with most people spending time on social media, do post your ad copies all over Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Last few words

It is high time that you start preparing to escalate your ecommerce sales. Act wisely by planning well in advance before the actual holiday season starts.

September to December is the festive range that will wrap up the most sales for your store during an entire year.

Just follow the above killer tips, and get your ecommerce store season ready... And please add your suggestions in comments below...

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