7 Google PPC Advertising Best Practices to Follow for Your Business

7 Google PPC Advertising Best Practices to Follow for Your Business

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a new and powerful ad style that has become increasingly popular on search engines that allow you to place your ads on their sites, becoming the top and first searched result be tagged as an ‘AD’ on searches. These ads may sometimes cost an initial fee to place but are only charged when a person clicks on the said ad that takes them to your site.

The great thing about these ads is it gives you the ability to increase the size of your business and its revenue at the cost of some cents per click. While it has a lot of bonuses, you want to ensure you are optimizing your potential and the use of these ads for you to gain the most out of them. With that being said, here are some of the best practices that the top Google ad agencies use to advertise your business.

Keep in Mind the Budget and Costs

Sure, running paid ads that you pay for per how many clicks you have will bring you more traffic to your site, giving you more overall income or a chance at the revenue depending on how your business is run. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the costs of how much per click the ad will be.

If you don’t set a proper budget for how much you are willing to pay, or if you don’t find an ad on the search engine for the proper price, you may be paying more for your clicks than you’ll be making from the visitation. Remember that a business’s goal is to make a profit, which doesn’t change just because it’s your business either.

Have an Idea of your Keywords and Key Phrases

Keywords and Key Phrases are important because they are the main thing that the search engine is looking for to produce your ad when someone searches for something. 

If you are running ads for your car moving service and you put in your keywords for ‘Car’, ‘Moving’, ‘Car Transportation’, ‘Vehicle Moving’, the engine will target those searches with those words and display your ads. And this can be done for phrases too, like ‘How do you transport your Car from X to Y’, allowing you to broaden the possibilities of your ads popping up.

Test, Test, and Test Some More

A very important thing to do is to constantly test your search optimization and how frequently your ads appear next to other ads. What are the main ones that pop up, which is the most popular click, does your ad pop up with all the keywords or only certain ones, etc.

The important factor here is that you are trying to test the search engine and the use of your selected keywords to ensure that no matter what you’re searching your ad will pop up. Doing this you can see what keywords you may need to change, what doesn’t make sense, and what is the best keyword or phrase to use to get the most views of your ad. 

Learn your Audience 

Like any other business, you want to know what your key customer and consumer looks like, thinks like, and searches like. This allows you to ensure that whenever your ad is seen by a person searching, they are looking for exactly what you are offering, meaning a higher turnover rate of turning them into a buying customer or consistent visitor depending on your service.

You can also learn your audience by looking at reports to see which were the most effective and which weren’t. Or in the testing phase, you act like a customer from different backgrounds and operate or search exactly how they would to test what is the best practice to use for the most views.

Check Reports Frequently


Reports are your friend in this case. The reports offer you information and statistics about who clicked, why, what they searched, where they’re from, and if they became a customer or if they saw a different link and clicked that one first. 

These reports will give you a plethora of information that allows you to alter your approach to how you will place the ads, what keywords are the best, what engine is the best, and what do you have to write to get the most visitation and turn over. Thus you should check your reports often so you can have an understanding of performance, and edit it to achieve a great structure.

Seek Assistance from Others

When running an online business, it is often entrepreneurship where you are the sole owner and employee of said company, thus it is your duty to drive the sales, deliver the content, and bring in the customers. This means you’d be trying to get the ads rolling and seeing if they work all by yourself.

You shouldn’t neglect the help of others, this could be paid help from a professional or someone who is in your situation and also looking for help, or it could be a friend as you help them a test or get ideas bounced off from them. The point is that you shouldn’t go it alone, and you should have someone to assist you, even in the slightest way so that way you take some of the stress off your shoulders. 

Ensure Ad Copy is High Quality

When your Ad appears, it has the headline which is the clickable title link, and then it has the information displayed under the ad that tells the viewer what your link is about and what you offer to the potential customer. 

For this to be the most effective in gaining more customers, you want to ensure the ad copy is strong, understandable, clear, and to the point. By following these methods, you’ll construct a copy that will turn more visitors into customers that understand what they are clicking, and what they seek to find or gain by clicking the link. 

Best Way to Get More Clicks


The main goal of paying for clickable ads, and paying once they are clicked is to bring more traffic into your business, but at the cost of paying once it is clicked. Theoretically, you are paying for real estate online that only costs once it is used or clicked, but you still want to use it in the best possible way to gain the most clicks, in hopes of earning you the most revenue on your site.

When starting a PPC ad campaign remember these practices so you can gain the most clicks on your link(s): Start an ideal budget of how much you seek to spend, constantly test your keywords or phrases to see how often they pop up, ensure that your ad copy is understandable and high quality so your customers understand you, and check your reports to see how you can improve.

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