6 Trending Custom App Developments in 2019

6 Trending Custom App Developments in 2019

In the app development industry, a missed trend is equal to a lost client.

If you want to stay on top of the game, you should be catching the new developments before they make it into the masses.
The 19th year of the new century is in full swing. Are you aware of the new trends? We are giving you a quick peek into the trending custom app developments in 2019 and beyond. From oldies but goodies to outrageous surprises, all of them are waiting for you in this 5-minute read.

Augmented Reality is Conquering the Market

Augmented reality is going mainstream and you had better catch it quickly. Besides dealing with industry-specific issues, it’s becoming a hard-to-stop trend for average users. When Apple and Google presented ARKit and ARCore, the popularity of AR has gone through the roof.
All the new mobile OSs created by the two giants offer support of AR functionality for their devices.
With the largest video industry players like Nvidia and Intel introducing AR devices, app developers are racing to provide augmented reality software to cater to their users.
In 2019, custom augmented reality apps are becoming more and more popular, enriching brand experience, catering to the specific needs of such industries as healthcare, and satisfying the huge need for innovations in the video game realm.
AR glasses, AR apps, AR trends. If your app doesn’t support AR functionality, you may be out of the game soon.

M-Commerce Is Swallowing E-Commerce

The next wave of mobile commerce is here. Are you catching it? From intelligent site search to chatbots and instant checkouts, m-commerce is bound to swallow e-commerce whole. If it doesn’t happen in 2019, wait for it to become a reality in the next couple of years.
According to experts from Entrance Consulting, it’s up to you to be ready to create custom m-commerce apps with AR functionality today. Enhancing shoppers’ experience is always trendy. It’s up to you to keep up with the new developments that could help you do it.
Apple Pay and Google Pay are currently the leaders in the instant pay industry. Does your app allow the customers to check out using one of them?
Are you developing top-notch chatbots to help customers improve their experience inside your mobile app?
As the year progresses, more and more businesses are paying special attention to m-commerce and developers, who are ready to cater to their latest needs.

Voice Assistants Are Here To Stay

Voice searches, voice assistants, voice automation. App users don’t want to flex their thumbs anymore. They prefer giving commands. Humanizing a computer has jumped to a new level. Custom app developers should be there to help make it a reality.
AI on mobile devices has changed the world. Now users expect an app to listen to their voices and accept spoken commands. By the end of the year, you might be hard-pressed to find a popular app without the option of voice operation.
Meanwhile, voice assistants can make restaurant reservations, follow-up calls, and much more. Regardless of the industry, from healthcare to e-commerce, little voice helpers are a must-have.
Check out Google Duplex to see what you may have been missing out on this year. Of course, it’s hard to outrun Google, but getting inspiration from its latest projects is hardly illegal.

IoT Is Your Favorite New Field Of Action

Is your app tweaked for IoT? If you still think that IoT revolves around a smart thermostat, you are in trouble.
Each gadget created these days have internet access, meaning you can operate it remotely, collect information, analyze it, and use it to make money. From checking the weather on your air purifier’s control panel to finding a free parking spot in a busy city, IoT is here to stay and it’s growing faster than you can say “It can’t be real!”.
Apps with IoT support can become an integral part of the new world. Businesses and educational facilities are already using IoTs for their purposes. Smart cities are becoming a reality.
Apps to collect information from internet-connected gadgets, analyze it, and provide necessary conclusions are bound to be in high demand this year.
Are you ready to create a custom app that takes your clients to a new era?

Biometrics Are Saving People Time

As people are getting lazier and lazier, technology is becoming more and more intricate. Using the body to prove the identity is highly popular nowadays. Unblocking smartphones with a thumb is nothing new. Paying for goods by pressing the finger against the screen increased the convenience of the payment apps.
Biometric identification is mainstream. People use biometrics to gain access to private information. It saves time and decreases the chances of fraud substantially. With all their current flaws, these authentication methods work. They are here to stay.
As a developer, you must be working hard on implementing such technologies as FaceID and TouchID in your mobile apps. Otherwise, get ready to fall behind the competition.


Foldable Screens Revolutionize The Approach to UI

A combination of a phone and a tablet is hitting the market. In April, Samsung presented Galaxy Fold. This summer, Huawei is offering its own version of a foldable smartphone – Mate X. Other manufacturers aren’t far behind.
Now imagine what these foldable phones are going to do to the UI of your app. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
You must be ready to offer your clients an app, which can instantly adapt to the changes in the screen size without hindering the image quality.
While today, these smartphones have a formidable price tag, with time, we may see the appearance of cheaper versions that results in higher demand for flexible UIs.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t been working on changing your strategy according to the latest custom app developments, it’s time to start now. The demand for your products depends on how quickly you can adapt to instantly changing markets and technologies. Good luck!

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