6 Latest Trends for Website Development

6 Latest Trends for Website Development

Websites are a gateway to the potential customers, looking for a service that you offer and a service that they need.

It is important that whenever you set up a website for your business, it has everything that a customer is looking for. A website should be easy to drive, simple to understand and flexible to adjust the needs of the visitors. It is only through these ways that you can really make the experience of your website worthwhile for the visitors. The reason it is necessary to have a great website is that the websites have become the agents of marketing for your business. The better they perform; the better would be the sales of your service. Hence, your job is to leave no stone unturned in making your website as friendly as any layman or an expert expects it to be.
More than that, what you need to keep yourself updated about are the trends that the web developers are following in order to improve the user’s experience so to make better and more sales. Speaking of which, let’s discuss all the latest trends that have worked quite well at increasing the conversion rates, clicks and hits.

Go for Single Page Forums/Applications

Recently, what has been observed is the trending of single-page applications (also known as SPA) as they make the experience of the users much more convenient and easy. These applications are dynamically stuffed within the same HTML page that possesses every information, tool and activity a user is looking for. It provides with more reading that works well for optimizing a website as the user gets each every answer to all of his questions. WebAlive is a company that expertly works on web development. If you need to know anything about web development and either the fact that what type of website or application for your specific needs require, WebAlive may be a great help.

Virtual Chat Support

Visitor’s engagement with the website may be the smartest trick that you can use in order to increase the conversion rate of your business. The reason is simple. When the visitor goes through your website, his mind may cross a good bunch of questions that may remain unanswered if you do not already answer them in some corner of your website. Another thing is, you may not always know what crosses a visitor’s mind when he skims through your website. In order to get a piece of his mind, you can add an online chat box where any visitor could be facilitated with space where he can express whatever confusion he faces while scrolling through your website. This helps you as well in the sense that you do not remain unaware of the type of traffic you are attracting on your site, and, on the side, getting indirect feedback of the content you have used. If your support team is active and responsible, both the sides will be satisfied, as their demands will be met in time. Internet connection should be good in order to avoid any sort of technical errors. You can go through local bundles that may suffice your internet needs at your office. Compromise on your end should be your last resort.

Real-Time Web Application

Whenever your website goes through an upgrade, the user will be made aware of update without asking him to refresh the page manually. Real-Time web application helps to transfer data between the user and the server as frequently as one could think of. The users get the advantage of viewing the information that has immediately been brought to the page without checking it on their own. The principle on which this strategy works is keeping the channel open to use and view at all times. It helps the user to request the updated information. Flink, Kinesis, and Storm are some of the examples of real-time web applications.

Using Accelerated Mobile Pages

All the research that people need to do is through mobiles. Nobody carries a mini-computer or a laptop in his or her bags to search on a random query that they have in mind. Everyone looks for a smartphone that could facilitate him or her anywhere, any time of the day. Having said that, can you expect your website to perform poorly on the mobile especially when most of the users are on their phones? Of course not. You have to think of the all ways that help in making your website mobile-friendly. If you deploy accelerated mobile pages aka AMP, which is an open source web publishing technology specially designed to improve the performance of advertisements and other work content, you will see a huge difference in the working of your site on the phone. This technology made the user experience much better.

Getting Browser Extensions

How often do people complain about unwanted advertisements on their internet experience? A lot, right? You yourself do not want to be interrupted by a gazillion of unwanted advertisements on the page you are at. The main purpose of Browser extensions is to enhance the user interface, increase protection and add blocking of the unwanted advertisements. If you use Chrome, which one of the most used browsers that you can think of, then you must have heard the names Suspender, VPN, Pocket and many others?

Getting Data Resilient Websites

One thing you cannot afford to lose from your website is the data that you have worked extremely hard to get. There have been unfortunate occurrences when some websites lost all their data due to unforeseen reasons and there was no way to recover it. That is when the urge and need of making the website's data resilient were spurred among the web developers. With this feature, a website is at least safe.
One way to prevent such problems coming forth is by building a firewall along with keeping backup resources. This whole process depends on the backup servers to bounce back the lost data. If the equipment is great, there is a chance that your data will be recovered in the matter of a few minutes. You need to keep multiple servers so that even if one of the servers fail to do the task, the other servers take ahold of the situation.

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