5 SEO Mistakes that Website Owners make unconsciously

5 SEO Mistakes that Website Owners make unconsciously

There are many things that one should know before starting off their own business. All the factors that contribute in making your business a success is what you need to consider before you start a business.

A business comprises of a union of multiple departments that have to be monitored on regular basis. If you are starting a business, you need to make sure that you at least know sufficient command over each of the departments so to supervise every side of your business, decently. With that being said, we all know how important is SEO for the marketing of a product to any business. Recently, what has been observed is how remarkably the SEO side of a business has progressed by virtue of its ability to make one’s content relevant to the right bunch of audience also known as the target audience. With the ability to link the business to a specific audience, many companies have spent a lot in this department, around $65 billion. The amount keeps on growing – imagine the score to the ROI it brings for the company!
Given what a hit this department is for companies, to those who are planning to get these services or, in fact, learn the art of SEO, here are a few tips for starters.

Keywords Usage and Practices

The first thing one has to worry about when it comes to SEO is the use of keywords which should not only be smart but also very specific. You need to make sure you pick the right keywords that have the most volume. It means that the keyword you are using is the most searched by people on the internet. This keyword is the word or concept of great significance for the public. It illustrates their needs – whatever they are looking for. If your brand has that service, your job is to optimize the content and website on that keyword so that your website reaches the right audience. You can also check up on the most used keywords by Moz Explorer – all you need is a fast internet so you aren’t stuck midway.
One thing that you have to avoid doing is stuffing your content with a specific keyword. It means that if you have found a keyword with great volume, you don’t have to overuse it lest Google penalizes your content. Google released many updates after online marketing became one of the smartest modes of promotion for a brand. One of which was to penalize all those websites that overused a single keyword just to gain high ranks in SERPs. That is why it is advisable to always be strategic at using keywords.

Mobile-friendly Website

Most of the people you know use mobiles phones for almost every task, be it official or personal. If you are planning to get a website for your business, you need to have it mobile-friendly. However, what does a website being mobile-friendly mean? The answer is simple. It only means that your website should be so simple and convenient that anyone on the phone using it does not have to scroll left to right in order to find whatever it is he is looking for. The website should fit on the user's screens. Every link, ad, a pop-up should fit in accordance with the size of the mobile’s screen. A number of times, the user lost interest in the websites only when they tried to access it on their phone, the website didn’t load as per the screen of the phone. The user does not want to struggle with the website. He simply wants to have a convenient experience. If you fail at providing him with that, the chances are, the user may never return to your site again.
Another aspect of a viewer’s experience with your website is when he sees multiple broken links on your page due to which he has to keep returning to previous pages. Your site also loses credibility, giving the impression of irresponsibility on your part for not giving the viewer a good experience through your site. If you don’t clean up your website from dead links, the viewers may not return back to your site.

Avoiding Irrelevant Content

Here is an easy way to learn what your audience may like and dislike. Hypothetically put yourself in the shoes of the user and see how you would want your experience to be when searching for something on a website. Would you want a page to load slowly? Would you want it to have a broken link? Would you stay long on a website if you don’t find whatever it is that you’re looking for? Of course not. You would always want a quick nice experience on a site that shows you exactly what you want to see, or even more. For that matter, you need to see what goes up on your website, proofread it and upgrade the information already published on it. The relevance of content is extremely crucial for it makes the whole page much more attractively sensible. What else is better than the feeling of giving your user a comfortable experience?

Meta-descriptions and Titles

The first thing the viewer notices about your website is the main heading, which is right in front of the screen. This heading illustrates whatever is supposed to be in the content piece. It is the summary of the entire page – the reason why a viewer should be on it in the first place. Having stated that, we should never avoid using titles and descriptions that appear in SERPs where a gazillion other links are competing with your link.


There are multiple types of plagiarism. Some are not noticeable, but some get easily detected and once caught are straight away blocked from Google. Plagiarism itself is not a great concept when it comes to setting up a new business that you want to be different among other sites. The only way your content can look different and unique is when you offer your customers something that they don’t hope to get from anywhere else.

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