5 Reasons to Use a Smart DNS Proxy

5 Reasons to Use a Smart DNS Proxy

When traveling around the country or when crossing the borders to Mexico or Canada, American consumers may start to notice that they are having problems connecting to their favorite streaming media provider.

Whether it is Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ABC, or Pandora, they may very well come up against regional blocks that prevent them from accessing the media in their streaming accounts. The problem becomes more acute when traveling further afield, especially to places in Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East as most streaming services will block access to their media content even on paid up, approved accounts.

You can also encounter problems if you particularly want to watch TV from other countries, for example if you want to watch British shows using the BBC iPlayer streaming service. Because a lot of things like this detect the country you are trying to access them from and don't accept people outside of their own country, you won't be able to use them without a proxy.

In these types of situations, using a service that can get around these inconveniences can be extremely useful. A smart DNS Proxy service is one such service that can be used to route around such blocks while not getting in the way of general internet use.

Here are a few reasons why using a Smart DNS Proxy  makes sense:

1. Premium Cable Blocks Access Internationally

Many TV networks and premium cable channels will block general access to their information sites about TV shows on their network or cable service if the originating IP address is not within US borders. So if you want to learn more about TV shows before watching them, watch out! You may not be able to without the use of a proxy. This can be very frustrating if you are someone who really likes to research the things they watch, and loves to find out all the cast information.

2. It’s Safer Than Using Free, Random Proxy Servers

Some users think they can just use free proxy servers and swap between them when one goes down. The problem with this approach is that whilst it might be cost effective, you never know who has access to your surfing records. This means that important usernames and passwords can all be seen by the people who are re-routing your traffic through their proxy server. You need to be able to trust the people behind the proxy otherwise free might not be quite so free after all.

3. A Smart DNS Proxy Can Be Used on Consoles, PCs and Mobile Devices

A Smart DNS Proxy can be utilized on various gaming consoles, the Amazon Fire TV system, smartphones, smart TVs with internet access, the Amazon Kindle, Apple TV, iPads, laptops and desktop computers. This is particularly helpful because it means you can use your proxy to watch things on any of your devices, even when you are on the go.

4. Fixes Geo-Location Blocked Web Sites

In addition to helping to unblock media websites and streaming services, websites that are regionally blocked within many countries can also be accessed by using a Smart DNS Proxy. Therefore, services like the BBC's iPlayer and similar can be utilized when outside of the UK. If you are a fan of programming from other countries, or you are curious to try watching some of the more talked about shows from outside of the US, then the proxy will let you do this without any problems from your home (or anywhere else).

5. Enables You to Access the Internet Safely

Using the internet safely needs to be our chief concern. There are just too many risks from anonymous services that claim to offer a free service but really are collecting the private information of users. Accessing Netflix and other streaming services using US DNS codes is a good idea if you want to stay protected from the broader security threat online, and you’ll also gain the secondary benefit of re-enabled access to streaming media services from international locations.

Whether your priority is accessing streaming services for US TV networks abroad, or for foreign websites when you are at home in the US, a good DNS proxy will help you make this easy and convenient. Even if you rarely find yourself in these situations, however, a good proxy is always a good idea for secure, anonymous surfing, and is especially important when you use public wireless networks like those you'll find in restaurants, malls, airports and hotels.

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