5 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies to Target Builders and Contractors

5 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies to Target Builders and Contractors

The construction industry is one of the least favorable to digital marketers. However, as a digital marketer in the construction industry, there are specific strategies you can use to target builders and contractors.

These strategies are not foolproof, but they give you a head start in earning more money by getting business from contractors. Marketing to contractors and builders is so difficult because it is a business that is mostly done offline. You can get more potential customers to look at you by offering things like a free construction cost estimator. There are not many places where contractors and builders hang out online, so you need multiple strategies to create an integrated approach.

PPC Marketing

The first strategy you should employ is PPC marketing. Many contractors and builders will come online to search for materials and other products using search engines like Google. You can then place ads on specific keywords, which will get you in front of this audience. If you know how to employ PPC marketing strategies effectively, you can earn a lot of business marketing to builders and contractors. However, it is one of the more expensive marketing methods, so you need to be good at it from the start. For instance, if you have an HVAC business, leveraging PPC on your business can help your targeted keywords to be placed above organic search results to entice the user. Check out this guide form Dagmarmarketing.com to know more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another strategy that you can employ. As you use other marketing methods, you can build a list of builders and contractors by collecting their emails. You can then mail the monthly newsletters and additional information to keep them active and engaged. As long as you provide valuable information, builders and contractors will be more likely to want to use your company. By doing things this way, you will put yourself ahead of the competition. It will also build a lasting customer base for your business.


Search engine optimization can eventually replace PPC marketing, but this is only after one or two years. SEO is great as a digital marketing strategy if you will spend a lot of time in that industry. However, it is not great for quick results, so you should employ other methods if you are looking for that. However, search engine optimization provides an excellent long-term traffic source that you can use to market to builders and contractors.

Video Advertising

Video advertising is getting a lot more popular as websites like YouTube take off. You can create short videos about the industry, and that could potentially attract many more people. It will also enable you to get a good idea of what they think about your products and services.

Digital Billboards

Many billboards on the road today are digital. It essentially takes a physical advertising method and makes it digital. You can create your own banner ads and upload them to the billboard owner's system. It then rotates and displays as cars drive by. It is an excellent way of using digital marketing to reach builders and contractors in the real world.

Wrap Up

By employing all of these methods together, you can create a holistic marketing system that helps you reach the maximum amount of contractors and builders possible.

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