5 Best Admin App For Salesforce

5 Best Admin App For Salesforce

Running and maintaining a company into a success would be challenging for the administrator.

With the advance technology, it is much more easier to handle all the situations with a bigger smile. Salesforce is the excellent cloud computing and social enterprise software provider to offer Salesforce Customer Relationship Management product. Using the Admin App for Salesforce would be the suitable option to monitor all issues, update with ease and take action instantly. Here is a list of top 5 Admin Apps for Salesforce to improve your organization.

Test Generator

Test Class Generator:

The Test Class Generator is the 100% secure App useful for generating the test class for the Batch, Trigger and Controller. Test Class Generator is much helpful for increasing the developer productivity with decreasing setup work for creating the new unit tests. Routine test creation is helpful for the developer to easily focus on highest value of writing itself. Test Class Generator is helpful for writing the unit tests and improves the productivity effortlessly. Test Class Generator App reads the metadata elements such as properties, variables, constructor and methods. Test Class Generator offers the user with ability to easily generate and configure the test project, test stub and test class enabling you to easily write the test. With the set of configuration options along to easily tailor generation for matching the name as well as organization schemes. Creating the Apex Controller, then the Trigger or Class would have the automatic unit test generator for creating automatically unit tests.

  • Support MSTest, XUnit, and NUnit Test Frameworks
  • Choose framework suitable for your environment
  • Moderate amount of restoration
  • Does not resurrect and replace old command
  • Generation of VB/C# test code
  • Offers extension point and basic infrastructure
  • Focuses on project management

Test Generator

Bulk Object Field Creator:

For any application development in the Salesforce, there is a need of creating the multiple fields of creating data types. It would be tedious job to create the new fields again for the developers. Such an requests would take more effort and time so one of the best option to overcome this situation is by using the Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator.

Atocloud.com has developed this Bulk Object Field Creator App to create the simple UI along with helping the user to easily create more number of fields of different types. Bulk Object Field Creator would reduce the manual efforts of users with decreasing the extra time at the same time increases the productivity.

  • Create, Clone, Delete, Update, and Multiple Custom Fields
  • Bulk Update Validation
  • Better Workflow rules
  • Extract Object metadata – Fields, Validation, Object Rules
  • Compare 2 Salesforce
  • Assign and Export multiple profiles

Test Generator

Popup Alerts:

Popup Alerts brings the easiest ability to display crucial popup alert message for any Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Cases and Opportunities. Popup Alerts would automatically keep the critical information in front of you. Popup Alerts brings a better option to organize and notify the user related to Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and many others.

  • Display on records with Alert Message
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Adding Alert Message S-Control
  • Invisible control
  • Alerts the user with important details

Test Generator

Object Metadata Snapshot Tool:

The Object Metadata Snapshot Tool readily converts the object and field configuration into the custom object records. Object Metadata Snapshot Tool is the 100% Salesforce App to bring the complete store metadata based on the custom objects. In fact, it would be easier to use the Salesforce report for the instant analyze the Salesforce Analytic Snapshots or DB schema version.

  • Search object name with Salesforce Search Box
  • See the org Object Schema with Salesforce Interface including detail, report, list, and much more.
  • Download metadata with csv or xsl file using the salesforce report

Test Generator


Clicktools are considered as the first survey tool that is integrated with the Salesforce. The Clicktools ultimately helps the users to easily gather the feedback from each of the customers. Using the highest configuration setup, it is convenient for adding the various fields in extensive numbers on the custom or standard object in Salesforce. When the configuration stored in table, it would be easier to use the Salesforce user interface based on the report, list and search object configuration.

  • Gather feedback from customers
  • Create rich and branded forms
  • Gain valuable customer insights
  • Drive better business decisions

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