4 Secrets to Write Converting SM Post for Educational Apps

4 Secrets to Write Converting SM Post for Educational Apps

The digital era has made the learning process easier and more comfortable. Different textbooks apps, progress trackers, online translators, and interactive learning applications help students see a smartphone as a tool for studying. Developers do a great job, but sometimes they find it hard to promote their products.

The market of educational apps, services that offer to write my essay by native writers, and learning platforms is vast, and it may be difficult to compete. However, if you create a successful social media marketing strategy and learn how to write converting posts, you’ll achieve excellent results with your app. Our tips will help you create converting social media posts.

How to Write Social Media Posts That Convert?

The most efficient way to write converting posts is to hire a professional writer at the essay writing service. An expert will help you with writing blogs and social media posts. But if you don’t plan to spend money on writing services, you can follow our tips to create converting content for your social media pages:

1.Make friends with your audience

Create an appropriate tone of voice to communicate with your audience via social media pages. Normally, your followers would like to understand that they communicate with a person but not with a cold robot. They want your brand to speak to them. Besides, it’s important to establish an emotional connection with your audience to increase the engagement rate, convince potential customers of the reliability of your brand, and get essential insights.

If your audience consists of students, you can add the taste of fun to your posts. Write jokes and short funny statements or facts, use emoticons, or create a fictional personality to communicate with your audience. However, you need to be friendly and informative, so don’t forget to explain how your app works, its benefits, etc.

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2.Your posts shouldn’t just promote your app

Your main purpose is to sell your app, but don’t forget to show that you really care about your audience. Your posts should also entertain, educate, uncover the values of your brand, and show what happens behind the scenes. If you decide to advertise and ask people to buy your product in every post, your followers will quickly get tired of your heavy selling content. That’s why you should create interesting, engaging content. For example, you can write educational articles for your blog and invite your followers to read them on a social media platform. To awaken interest in your articles, use a hook in your post. You can write an intriguing fact or ask a question and simply write “Read more here” and give a link to your article. You can also describe a problem and invite users to visit your blog to find the solution by writing, “This is the blog you're looking for.”

3.Format your posts

Your social media posts should be short and readable. However, if your post should educate your audience or explain how your application works, you can write a lengthy post. Start with a short explanation of what your text is about, describe every new thought in another paragraph, and use bullet-points to make the text more understandable. Actually, the structure reflects the structure of any article. You can use blog best practices to write a social media post. They include writing an introduction, body text, and conclusion.

4.Use a call to action

If you want your followers to press a link, you’ll need to use a persuasive call to action word or phrase. You can ask your readers to visit a product page, download your app, use a discount, start a trial period, etc. However, you can’t just write, “Buy now!” without any explanation and hope that someone will click a link. You’ll need to write a text that will lead your reader, engage them, and make them feel the necessity to visit the required page. Describe benefits they will get, the effectiveness of your product, or promise an exciting experience they’ll get if they click this link. If you know how to end a blog post, you’ll easily end a social media post and persuade a reader to take the necessary action.

If you want your social media posts to generate conversions, you should set an emotional connection with your audience and build trust first. Your posts should educate, entertain, demonstrate brand values, and advertise your app. You should find a happy medium and create a content strategy that will involve all these purposes. If you manage to engage readers and set a connection with them, you’ll easily persuade them to click a link. So, use our tips to boost the conversion rate and increase your website traffic. You can also collaborate with a professional writer to create powerful content to achieve the best results.

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