4 Creative Ways To Improve Your Online Sales Performance

4 Creative Ways To Improve Your Online Sales Performance

In the uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic, online sales have never been more crucial to businesses. Here are a few of the best ways that you can help to drive your online sales.

Build Trust With Your Customers

This can be done in many ways, but the most important one is to be visible. Ensure that you have images of you and your team in your “About Us” section, which will help customers put faces to names. This will also help to humanize your company which is vital, as many customers want to do business with actual people rather than an impersonal company.

Another critical part of being visible is to ensure that your contact information is up to date and listed clearly on your website. Customers trust a company that they know how to get in touch with, as it gives assurance of strong customer service.

You can also build trust by having reviews and testimonials feature prominently on your e-commerce website. At the very least, you should have product reviews on the specific products you sell, and it is also worth having testimonials in a visible place on your website’s homepage.

Improve The Look Of Your eCommerce Platform

Your eCommerce platform is your primary method for attracting and retaining customers. It should, therefore, be unique, easy to use and personal to your business and brand. Competition is fierce when it comes to online sales so you will need to have the very best eCommerce site to stand out amongst the crowd.

Using a professional web design service is a must for any online company. Take a look at Shopify Web Designers such as Cake Commerce for an idea of the quality and standards you should be looking for. They are experts at combining style with usability when it comes to Shopify web design.

Having a unique e-commerce website is vital to ensuring that you are memorable to customers, increasing brand recognition and driving sales.

Utilize Live Chat Features

Customers like to be able to ask questions. It is one of the things most consumers point to when they compare online shopping to in-person shopping. It is impossible to build an FAQ section that will answer every question a customer may have.

A great way to solve this problem is by using a live chat app on your website. This makes it quick and easy for a customer to ask a question without having to phone or email you.

Simplify The Checkout Experience

Having the option to checkout as a guest and removing unnecessary steps at checkout can prevent what is known as checkout abandonment. This is where a customer gets to the point of checkout but then decides not to go through with the purchase.

A recent study shows that 35% of customers abandon their purchases if required to make an account, and a further 27% abandon if they feel that the checkout experience is too long winded. Simplifying these processes can really help to drive sales.

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