4 Best Social Media Platforms To Advertise Your Business

4 Best Social Media Platforms To Advertise Your Business

In this digitally social world, it’s no longer a question of whether social media is necessary for advertising your business.

Statistics revealed that over 80% of marketers say that social media helped increase brand exposure and over 70% increase in traffic. So, if you’re not using social media, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to promote your business and remain relevant in this competitive business world.

That said, which social media platforms should you take advantage of?

1. Instagram

The most popular photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram is the ideal platform for businesses offering visually appealing products. Instagram may boast a massive user base of about 1 billion monthly active users, although it’s more popular for the younger generation. In addition, statistics show that Instagram has an engagement rate that’s 58% higher than Facebook and a whopping 2,000% higher than Twitter.

Also, since Instagram is now owned by Facebook, the platform has access to the same extensive user base and advertising platform as the Facebook app does. While it has the same paid benefits as Facebook, Instagram also has its own set of organic benefits. This means you can get more Instagram reach and use strategies for organic advertising without paying to get the results you want. 

Unlike Facebook where you’ll need to pay for ad campaigns to grow your followers and increase page and post reach, with Instagram, you can use tried-and-tested strategies to extend your social reach, organically. This makes Instagram a great choice for businesses with limited advertising budgets.

For instance, hashtags have become an essential tool for brand discovery. There are several ways to find the perfect hashtag that’ll convert. You need to look for a hashtag that isn’t too populated, generic, and should be relevant to your target audience. You can also use hashtag generators. This technology uses an algorithm that looks for the most popular and frequently used hashtag in a particular niche.

2. Facebook

Known as the largest social media network in the globe, it’s safe to say that Facebook is one of the best choices when determining where to promote your business.

This social platform is popular among a wide variety of demographics, including age and gender. This means there’s a high chance that your target audience is engaging with this platform, too. 

The most important feature of Facebook for business is it provides the opportunity for you to advertise your services and products on the platform. You can set up a Facebook Shop, providing customers with a more seamless shopping experience that can drive traffic to both your physical and online stores. There’s even a Marketplace page where you can post products and services you offer.

Also, Facebook advertising may allow businesses to target customers by location, interests, occupation, past activity, and other valuable data points. The cost of Facebook ads will vary depending on several factors, including the budget you set and your audience.

3. YouTube

As a popular video-sharing platform, users watch a billion hours of YouTube videos every day. It may boast over 2.2 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Like Instagram, it has the benefit of visual content. However, unlike most social media platforms, YouTube has the advantage of being a part of Google. This means it has access to the advertising platform of Google and you can use it to run YouTube ads. 

Other than being the second biggest social media platform, YouTube is also known as the second largest search engine, second only to Google. In fact, statistics show that the search volume on YouTube is larger than that of Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, and AOL combined.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional social platform. It holds a large professional user base and is mostly geared toward a corporate audience. 

Unlike other social platforms that focus on B2C marketing, LinkedIn is better suited for B2B advertising campaigns. This means that B2B products and those in the service industry can get better marketing results on LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, businesses can run sponsored content and messaging to reach a larger audience. It also allows for dynamic and text ads which are only available to desktop users. In addition, you can leverage their Lead Gen forms that help you collect quality leads at scale.


Social media is here to stay. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporate marketer, you want to power up your marketing game by leveraging the right social media platforms.

Regardless of what your business does or what industry you’re in, the above social media platforms can help you develop a brand voice, engage with customers, and drive more sales to your business.

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