4 Areas of Your Business to Automate

4 Areas of Your Business to Automate

Automation has been on the cards for many industries in recent years, as the exciting advanced in machine learning and AI have given rise to some innovations like automated bots.

With businesses across the world keeping a keen eye on the tech labs where some of these automation programs are developed and tested, it’s certainly time for your business to think about making the jump into the next generation of digital business services. In this article, we’ll offer four examples of useful automation for your firm.

Customer Services

One of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of running a business - especially a startup or a small enterprise with large, global ambitions - is to cover your customer service obligations. The queries, complaints, and communications sent between you and your customers can take hundreds of hours out of your team’s schedule every week - wasting time better spent on marketing and sales. Thankfully, automation has come to replace these tedious tasks. You can use a chatbot on your website and social media channels, an automated voicemail recording for phone calls, and automated emails to inform customers of offers and other changes to their accounts.


If your firm is involved in production and manufacturing, you’ll have been one of the first to jump aboard the automation train. But the automation you’ll have been using, if you onboarded it even only five years ago, will have been robotic and mechanical - and not digital and intelligent. Technology moves fast, and now the production process can be further automated with the use of machines that are programmed using AI and machine learning. Enabling your machines to learn from their mistakes is a highly-productive investment for any firm that manufactures and produces.

Cloud Storage

It’s a pain, organizing all your jumbled files and ensuring that they’re all easy to find for those staff members who are looking for them. This was a veritable nightmare in the time of endless filing cabinets and countless pieces of paper - but even now, in the digital age, storage can be a laborious task. Thankfully, the programmers at avepoint.com have devised a solution: your file management and backup can now be automated, which means that all of your staff waste far less time than they usually would in storing and accessing files on the cloud.


Another tedious task for office workers in HR is organizing the payroll. This is something that’s famously liable to fault through human error, which can create issues both for your staff and for your company accounts. Meanwhile, if you have hundreds of staff members, all on different shift patterns and with different wage packets, it’s a full-time job for more than one employee just to manage their pay. This has been valiantly tackled by automation software, which now enables HR departments to refocus on staff satisfaction as the payroll is run through a calculation system, reducing human error and paying all your staff on time.

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