3 Highly Effective Types of Brand Videos

3 Highly Effective Types of Brand Videos

If you would like to build your brand, there is no better way to do so than with videos. Being the most effective form of content by far, the potential of brand videos is hard to match – especially when it comes to social media, video sharing platforms, and even regular websites.

Of course it is important that you use the right types of brand videos if you want to achieve the best results, which is why these 3 should set you off on the right track:

  • Instructional ‘how to’ guides

    Although at first glance ‘how to’ guides may seem to be more informative and less about branding, nothing could be further from the truth. By creating videos that help viewers solve a specific problem, you have the chance to position your brand as the solution that they need.

  • Behind-the-scenes brand culture videos

    Few things are better at putting a human face on a brand than a behind-the-scenes brand culture video. By offering an authentic glimpse into the inner-workings of your brand, you are likely to generate more interest in it. More importantly by putting a human face on your brand, you’ll make it easier for viewers to associate themselves with its identity and values.

  • Thought leadership videos

    Commonly taking the form of webinars, thought leadership videos not only allow you to help viewers, but also engage them directly and answer questions. These videos will position you as an expert authority in your niche, and your brand will benefit from that association. Just remember that you’ll have to be able to deliver the goods, and not just mime repetitive content.

    Although creating videos may seem difficult at first glance, there are some easy ways that you can use to record brand videos. One of the most widely used is definitely screen recording, and Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac is the perfect software to help you create videos via that method.

    By recording your screen you can create a number of different brand videos including instructional guides, thought leadership videos, interviews, and more. On top of that Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac will let you record streaming video on Mac as well. Suffice to say you will be able to fully control all the recording parameters such as the frame rate, capture area, audio sources and sound levels – and it will even let you capture keyboard and mouse actions too.

    In short you can record any kind of footage that you need from your Mac’s screen using Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac. That should open up the opportunity to create several different types of brand videos, and it will take nothing more than a few clicks to get started.

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