10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Developers

10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Developers

WordPress is a popular CMS that helps in development of different kind of blogs, websites and other web-driven applications. Building a site with this powerful platform is easy provided you know which are its right tools, libraries and plugins.

If you’re a developer, you should then know which plugins are important and which can help in your task of web development. Without this knowledge, you might not be able to add value to end users for sure. Here is a list of 10 must-have WordPress plugins for developers :

WordPress Reset

If you’re a theme or plugin developer, then WordPress Reset is for you. It’s a plugin that helps a lot in testing how a theme works. Using it, a developer can test the theme from installation to activation. It also helps one to reset WordPress to its defaults.

Query Monitor

Query Monitor too is a debugging plugin which helps WordPress coders view all the ongoing database queries. Using the plugin, coders can also view all those rows being affected. Keeping track of AJAX calls, redirects and REST API requests too becomes possible. PHP errors can also be viewed.


This plugin is for those developers who often face problems in export and import of database while transforming the site. It helps take back up of the whole website, from files and database. Which can then be uploaded with a proper backup file.

Meta Box

Every developer should easy ways for creating Meta boxes and custom fields for WordPress websites. In this task, they get great help from a powerful plugin called Meta Box. Packing it many filters and actions, it lets developer add more functionality to the plugin with ease.

Regenerate Thumbnails

Developers often have to set the thumbnail size for the site. Sometimes they forget doing that and a problem comes with new images get uploaded on the site. To help in such cases, they should take help of a WordPress plugin, Regenerate Thumbnails, which lets one regenerate the thumbnails for image attachments.

User Switching

How much having a WordPress plugin that allows a single click switching between user accounts? User Switching plugin helps in this regard as it is very beneficial to those developers whose workflow needs them to manage multiple accounts. It is also very helpful in case developers want to test and debug user roles or privileges.

Theme Check

It’s important to know whether your theme matches with the standard coding standards and best practices of WordPress. This task is made easier by Theme Check – a powerful WP plugin. It can be used to check about theme screenshot, license and author information in the theme.

Beta Tester

Is your theme compatible with the latest version? This is a very vital information or verification developers need to check. This task is made easier by Beta Tester and by using it, one can update the theme or plugin to WordPress Beta.

Advanced CSS Editor

Don’t you need to use separate plugins for your website to look and function different across devices? This is where Advanced CSS Editor helps as it’s a powerful WordPress plugin for developers. It can be used to write CSS code for different devices with ease.

RTL Tester

Want a plugin that helps in switching text direction of your WordPress development? Try RTL Tester and easily test your themes and plugins in RTL mode. Once done with the checking of text direction, you can be sure whether everything is in right order. In overall, these are some of must-have plugins that developers should use and broaden their knowledge.

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