10 Hacks For Getting Faster Streaming

10 Hacks For Getting Faster Streaming

Are you experiencing constant buffering and low-quality videos?

Even with a fast internet subscription, it's still possible to get a bad streaming experience. Some times it is downtime on the side of your ISP. But other times, it is your hardware and software.
The following are ten tips to get faster streaming:

Reduce the competition

These days, everything is connected. You have a Wi-Fi thermostat, a smart TV, a connected coffee machine, a tablet, a smartphone, and computer. When all these devices are connected at the same time, they significantly affect the bandwidth. So, for smooth streaming, consider disconnecting devices that are not in use.

Use ethernet

Wireless is convenient as you don’t have to deal with the hassle of wires. However, compared to ethernet, it is slower.

Reduce distance from the router

If ethernet is not an option like when you are streaming on the phone, get closer to the router. The greater the distance from the router, the weaker the connection, especially if there are significant obstructions such as walls.

Switch off auto-updates

Automatic updates, whether on Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS, consume your bandwidth without your knowledge or consent. Your OS tells you not to, but for the sake of bandwidth, turn auto-updates off. Later, when you are not streaming, you can manually check and install any updates you missed.

Clear cache and cookies

As you surf the web, thousands of temporary files that help display web content download to your system (cache). Cookies help advertisers in tracking your browsing behavior. Both cache and cookie accumulate over time, affecting the loading speed.
Therefore, you should clear your browsing history periodically.

Disable hardware acceleration

Depending on your hardware, instead of helping, hardware acceleration will cause pixelation, crashing of the media player, and slow streams. That is particularly true when the web player is flash-based.
When you turn off hardware acceleration, your browser selects the hardware resources it needs.
Hardware acceleration settings are in the display settings in the control panel. However, turn it back on as it enhances graphics in games and other video-card intensive applications.

Watch videos at a lower quality

A lower quality video will not require much bandwidth. Try a 720p or 480p quality. On small devices such as your smartphone, you will hardly notice the reduction in quality. Also, some displays do not support 4K, meaning you might be wasting your bandwidth for nothing.

Disable/fix plugins

Check the plugins in your browser. You might find you have plugins you do not need. Often, these plugins are forced on you by shady sites. And, they harm your internet speed.
Uninstall any plugin you do not use.
Also, remember to update those plugins such as Adobe Flash Player, as they help with video streaming. Updating improves the performance of the plugin and fixes bug issues that often lead to crashing.

Restart your router

Sometimes both the router and the device you are using to stream (phone, computer) just need a fresh start. Over time, internet curd accumulates in the router. So, you should make a habit of restarting it every few weeks.
To restart a router effectively, turn it off, and unplug it from the power source for at least half a minute.

Dedicated streaming services

If you are using any tactic to bypass geo-restriction, you are likely to experience slow streaming speed. For that reason, you need a dedicated streaming service.
Some VPN providers offer boosted streaming as an add-on. Some work, while most are just there to milk more money from you.
When it comes to fast streaming without buffering, opt for private proxies with dedicated streaming service.

Posted by Hayden Smith

Hayden Smith
George Gitogo is a content marketer for InstantProxies.com; a website that provides private proxies. He completely believes that when you buy private proxies, you can choose purpose as streaming to get the much needed faster speed.

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