10+ Benefits of a Mobile Apps for Your Magento Store

10+ Benefits of a Mobile Apps for Your Magento Store

A Magento 2 mobile app for your ecommerce site improves your customers’ experience, increases conversion rates, engages your retaining customers and helps gain new ones.

By 2023, mobile apps are forecast to generate over 9935 billion U.S. dollars through in-app advertising and paid downloads. A powerful reminder for online merchants to acknowledge the indispensability of mobile apps for their ecommerce sites!
Not convinced yet! Here comes another corroboratory fact. Statistica reported the number of total app downloads last year to be 204 billion.
Websites have undoubtedly been the building block of the online presence of an ecommerce business. However, with a tremendous increase in the mobile usage worldwide, mobile apps have lately taken the ecommerce industry by storm.
Being an eCommerce store owner, if you still have the question: Why is a mobile app so important for my store?
Just go through the list of benefits and find out the reason yourself!

Reasons Why a Mobile App Is a Holy Grail for Your Store

Branding and Design

Your ecommerce site’s web design and functions depend on browsers. Luckily, such is not the case with a mobile app. Hence, it’s got an edge over a site! You don’t have to depend on device or browser elements and face caching problems. This means you can design the app the way you wish to. Further, you can add swipe features like pinch, hold, drag, tap, double tap and more, to make it more user-friendly.
You can also customize the layout, colors and logo of your app through version upgrades. It keeps your app in sync with your brand vision and customers' preferences.
This way, you can make your app your 24*7 earning salesman. And even more, your brand ambassador!

Stronger Bonding with Customers

You can let your customers enable notifications, change settings, save passwords, sign up for newsletters, etc. Enabling them to do all this adds to their app user-experience and they just feel more immersive. You can also start a loyalty program to further engage them with additional discounts and offers.
Thus, making them feel more valued by offering perks in different ways can strengthen your bond with them.

Increase in Customers’ Convenience

A lot of innovative features viz:

  • Audio Search / Voice Search - Lets users search for the product they are looking for through a simple voice command.
  • GPS - When turned on, this feature auto-detects the current location of a user and reduces the need to manually fill shipping details. Also helps a user locate your nearest physical store, if any.
  • Clicking and Sharing - You can start letting your customers click and share their snaps in attires on social media. Your outreach, thus, increases furthermore. Your sales, as a result, escalate with greater social media visibility.
  • Live Tracking - Adding this feature to your mobile app lets you and your customers keep track of the orders and their statuses. This helps them stay abreast of the whereabouts of their orders. Which engages their customers better.
  • In-App Notifications - Show up in a mobile app when a user is actively using it. You can also call it ‘native app content’. They nurture existing app users and prolong their session time and others help enhance online shoppers’ convenience greatly.

App-Specific Offers and Discounts

Offering app-specific offers can help them get their existing customers to their apps and thereby retain them. Such offers and discounts will encourage your existing users to continue using your app. Even better, they will also persuade more new users to download your app, and avail them.
Eventually, your bottom line will increase.

Decrease in Cart Abandonment Rates

The checkout process on store websites may be tedious due to several exhausting steps. Customers, therefore, abandon the checkout process in the middle despite adding the product(s) they liked in the first place.
Consequently, the cart abandonment rate increases in case of store sites. But you can add the ‘single-page checkout’ functionality to a Magento 2 mobile app. This functionality simplifies the checkout process for customers. Consequently, cart abandonment rate may decrease significantly.

Push Notifications and Instant Updates

Unlike in-app notifications, push notifications flash directly on a user’s mobile screen even without opening an app. You can notify app users of the latest offers and discounts on the go. Chances of your customers noticing such notifications increase leading to subsequent increase in sales.
You can even send regular version updates to your app users via OTA. Users will then be able to install the latest updates of your app and enjoy all the features that come with the latest updates. This way, they help retain existing customers.

Social Media Integration and Deep Linking

Including the ‘social media authorization’ feature lets customers log in to your app via FB and other social media accounts. This feature helps users access your app faster, more easily and may also prove useful for users who have forgotten their log in password.
Adding the deep linking feature to your app can also help you drive more traffic to your website from different social media accounts.

Higher Conversion Rate

With simplified navigation process, user-friendly features, and an engaging UX combined, you can provide a seamless shopping experience to users. And the better the users’ shopping experience, the higher the conversion rate goes.


80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences. Personalization can be on the basis of a user’s interest, culture, location, and behavior, etc. Users love to see such customized content. And a mobile app can help you provide that. It can let users define their preferences from the start, and can serve customized content accordingly.
Also, based on their wish list items and purchase history; you can offer custom recommendations and filter product updates.
You can also send personalized emails and text messages timely to elicit quick responses during the sales season. In short, you can leverage the power of personalization to boost sales and bottom line.

Productivity Rise and Cost Reduction

A mobile app gives you a common platform to offer products, give replies and train about your products and monitor user behavior. Moreover, you can share the same resources and enhance communication with employees, vendors and customers.
And productivity increases by 20%-40% with readily available charts and reporting tools.
Moreover, as you can directly communicate with customers through your app, your marketing and advertising expenditure go down.

Increase in SEO Potential of Your Site

Google nowadays ranks your in-app content also. So, you can modify that to boost your website SEO. By optimizing your app’s content on respective stores, you can rank higher. You can apply SEO tricks for app optimization to increase your brand visibility.

Faster than Sites

When it comes to loading speed, a Magento 2 mobile app has an edge over a site. Instead of storing data on web servers, an app stores data locally on mobile devices. That’s why, data retrieval is swifter than websites that use web servers to retrieve data.
Technically reasoning, a website generally uses JS code to perform most of its functions. On the contrary, an app uses a framework that can be up to 5 times faster than JS code.
This is why users prefer using apps over websites today.

The Final Takeaway

As it is evident that billions of apps have swarmed the market, you can’t afford to stay behind. A mobile app for your ecommerce site won’t only give better shopping experience, but also enhance the sales potential of your site.
Good luck with setting up a new app for your e-store.

Posted by Maulik Shah

Maulik Shah
Maulik Shah is the founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast growing app and extension store for various technologies like Magento 2 Mobile App. He writes about multiple aspects of ecommerce technology and is enthusiastic about making online business management easy

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