Project Info:

Réseau Group is a recent start-up consultancy company that specializes in providing networking and ancillary services to various members (senior advisors) out of the consulting sector and is marketing activities / projects of these members. Therefore, we needed a state of-the-art project management portal with a sign-in area, project dashboard and complex search algorithms for portal members.

The challenge

We needed to design a clear front-end with a clear and transparent message to site visitors and advisors. At the same time, we needed to create a separate design related to project management dashboard and other member parts of the portal. One of the most difficult challenges was to create an advanced project management dashboard and yet that is easy to use.

Lastly, we had to ensure that the platform, we've implemented would translate well across all devices with Responsive Design to maintain the same great user experience for everyone.

The Solution

The solution is an online application system that comprises three main components: a powerful CMS-driven admin area, a back-end advisers, and a promo website that showcases the system and allows users to easily sign up or log in.

The application runs on top of Store4 and enables administrators to effortlessly configure all aspects of the web platform, including system settings, users, subscriptions, themes and styles, and more.

Advisors can with ease register on the system. Once approved, they are able to manage projects, search and invite other members to project and much more.


We have designed a unique mobile-first application project management system that is fueled by the simple-to-use yet powerful content management system Store4. We delivered solution on budget and within four months!

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