Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs A Visual Content Strategy

Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs A Visual Content Strategy

An effective visual content strategy is crucial to your ecommerce business's marketing.

You see, people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. Our brains remember more through visual, and that makes visual content a vital component you can't miss on your marketing strategy.
Visual content is one of today's most common marketing strategies. According to recent ecommerce business statistics, 65% of people can remember visual content for up to 3 days. It is a powerful media communications medium that’s better than text. Since the brain processes it better, including videos and other types of visual content in your strategy makes it more engaging and exciting.
Now that we are in an ever-connected social world, videos and images are digital marketing's tools of the trade. Whether your goal is to increase brand engagement or boost sales, promoting your products or services in a place full of visual content, such as social media, is the key.
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. These social media platforms rely primarily on visual content. In addition, you have infographics to use in your strategy as well. Ecommerce business statistics show 41.5% of marketers say that infographics and original graphics perform best in promoting products and services.
Now, this is only the tip of all the advantages that visual content can offer you. When done correctly and together with other digital marketing techniques, it can effectively help your business reach out to customers. If you are looking to add it to your digital marketing strategy, let us tell you more reasons why that is a great idea.

Sell an Experience

A mere picture is not enough if you are selling a product. Today's customers look for a positive experience, which you can show them beforehand using visual content. Whether you are selling the product or service through blogs or connect with your customers in social media, visually stunning posts are what will lure them to you.

Show Your Intent Visually

A lot of us now have social media accounts that allow us to connect with everyone. Creating a campaign on social media is one of the ways you can utilize visual content. Use of photos and videos make it easier to show your audience the intent behind your campaign. Mere words are often not enough to convince your audience, but a thought-provoking image can.

Bring Boring Information to Life

Looking for a way to bring boring information to life? Adding engaging visuals is how you do it. Describing your product is essential, but unless your customers can see them, it's hard to get them interested. Besides pictures of your products, it will also be great to include images of the people behind them to create a compelling story.

Make a Brand More Personal

Your customers will love it if you make your brand more personal . And there's no better way than that than posting pictures of your family. It doesn't mean your actual family. It could be your work family. Post some pictures and videos of the people who work hard to bring your customers lovely products. The result? People become more interested in what you offer.

Add Flair to Fun, but Long Posts

A fun, thought-provoking post is already a fantastic enough way to catch the attention of your audience. But you can take it up a notch by adding engaging visuals to your post. You can put them on your ecommerce store's blog, which provides your readers with an exciting way to learn helpful information.
You have plenty of ways to utilize a visual content strategy to boost your ecommerce business. Some are straightforward methods, while others require you to be a little more creative. With different types of visuals to use, there can never be enough tools that can help your product promotions.
On that note, some of the types of visuals that will be useful for your marketing campaigns are:

  • ImagesThe simplest way to use images is putting them in between bodies of text. The more compelling the pictures, the easier it is to take in information from boring, long posts.
  • VideosWant a way to show how your products are great solutions to your customer's problems? The right type of video would make do, especially when created with your brand in mind.
  • Infographics Perfect for short topics, the main advantage of infographics is its impactful layout and design capable of laying essential data in an illustrative way.
  • Memes Images with humorous captions, memes are quirky, easy-to-create visuals that will keep your audience entertained, whether young or old.
  • ScreenshotsYou can use these to back up your claims and provide your customers with a glimpse of your business's inner workings.
  • Presentations Presentations are great to help expand the reach of your business and present a lengthy topic in a more engaging method.

Marketers can't deny that visual content strategy is a crucial component they need in their campaign. From what the latest ecommerce business statistics show, it is a fundamental strategy if you want to reign in the modern world. So get started in planning an effective visual content strategy for your ecommerce business today.

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Lianna Arakelyan

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