Why Email Marketing Is Essential For Businesses

Why Email Marketing Is Essential For Businesses

The digital medium is ever changing and the big thing in the marketing world right now is social media marketing.

While you can take full advantage of social media marketing, viral video marketing and the many other forms of publicity – there is no reason for you to cast aside Email Marketing Campaigns as a thing of the past.

Despite being around for many years, or perhaps because of it, Email Marketing Campaigns still remain unsurpassed in their effectiveness. Studies show that even in today’s world, practically littered with multiple forms of marketing, email marketing is the best way to generate leads.

Why is this?

Perhaps because finding a person who doesn’t have an email account today would pretty much be like finding a whale swimming about the New York City streets. Impossible. Or at least, almost impossible. Literally everybody has an email account.

Despite emails not being the most popular way for people to contact each other – the fact remains that an email account is needed for pretty much everything you might want to do online.

Want a Facebook account? Needs an email.

Want a Twitter account? Needs an email.

Want a YouTube account? Needs an email.

Emails remain central to everyone’s presence on the internet and as such, they remain a viable mode of communication when you want to conduct a marketing campaign for your brand. Email marketing is a consistently great way of getting in touch with potential customers, converting them to actual customers and then retaining them.

Why is Email Marketing Essential for Businesses?

1) It helps you keep in touch.

Keeping in touch with your customers is a very important part of building a positive reputation. Email marketing campaigns allow you to keep both existing customers and any potential new ones informed about what’s happening with your business, promotions and sales and etc.

In addition, you can also use it to send them seasonal emails and other non-business related emails that will add a human dimension to your business, further strengthening your brand. A well managed email marketing campaign will keep your customers and subscribers engaged with your brand and boost your company forwards.

2) It allows you to reach people in real-time.

Mobile devices have complete email capacities – which means that any promotional materials you send out will reach your customers immediately and allow them to engage with you while they are on the move.

While you may argue that social media is quicker, you don’t get to directly engage with your intended recipient when you use social media and your content will have to be formatted for the constraints of the platform. An email can be customized to your preference and will directly engage with your subscriber.

3) It has the added touch of being personal.

People always respond positively to things that have the human touch. Emails allow you to reach out to your subscriber with content that is personal to them, even curated to their needs. When it is done properly, this is can feel more personal than direct messaging.

Additionally, emails also don’t have the sense of informality that is often attached to direct messaging over social media platforms, so your brand will strike a nice balance between personal and professional.

4) It provides good data and results.

Email marketing has been around for a while, and because of that, there are many email marketing clients available today. All of these clients, through years of experience, know exactly what data to collect, where to collect it from, and how to present it to you in a manner that is understandable. You can get nearly real-time data on important metrics like conversion rates, click-through rates, subscribe and unsubscribe rates and more with email marketing campaigns.

All of these important metrics laid out before you means that you can have a better idea of what’s working for your campaign, what is not, what needs to be tweaked – this will allow you to adapt your marketing strategy as needed to get the best possible results.

5) It is affordable and has excellent ROI.

Facebook and Twitter are free. This may cause you to form an understanding that by the virtue of being free, social media is the best way to conduct your marketing. Because it’s free. However, it is unfortunately not true.

The truth is that you can’t just make a post on Facebook and hope for the best. You actually have to pay to market on Facebook and it can cost a surprisingly high amount, especially for start-ups who have a limited budget. And for the amount they cost, the return on your investment is surprisingly low. In addition, there are more costs on the way with necessary services like Google AdSense.

On the other hand, you have email marketing. With email marketing, the cost per conversion is pennies on the dollar. In addition, a study by eMarketer found that the median return on investment for email marketing is about 120%. That is nothing to scoff at. The exact marketing plan you pick will obviously determine the cost of your campaign, but overall, email marketing campaigns are more affordable and have a higher return on investment on the long term.

6) It lets you target customers.

Email targeting is very important and it is a very clever thing. Email targeting allows you to track your subscriber’s behaviour and target them with relevant and specific emails.

You can track what products your subscribers are looking at, what they have actually purchased, what they have in their shopping cart and send them emails that are specifically targeted towards them. By using clever subject lines that will grab their attention, you can increase your subscriber’s engagement with your brand and come one step closer to converting them into a paying customer.

Another benefit of targeting and retargeting is that once you have the necessary data on your customers, you can reduce sending campaign material that they won’t find useful. This will in turn boost your open rates and conversion rates and help your campaign as a whole.

Effective targeting and retargeting will boost your brand forward and increase customer engagement at the same time.

7) It allows you to sustain brand awareness.

Email marketing campaigns are way better than social media if you want to sustain brand awareness over a long period. And you should want to sustain your brand awareness over a long period.

The whole process of typing out their personal details and signing up for an email updates takes a certain degree of commitment. This is more than what you can expect from a social media platform, where it just takes one click to like or dislike.

Once people sign on to be on your emailing list, they usually stay there for a long period – a period throughout which you can send them your email marketing materials. If you make sure that you send them content that is meaningful to them, this method will ultimately get you more conversions than any other.

While there is no doubt a place for other forms of marketing, there is no reason for you to dismiss email marketing. We live in the digital era and despite what it might seem like at first glance, emails are a key component of the digital landscape. Every business should know that email marketing is more essential than ever for businesses.

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