Why Does Your Business Require Video Marketing?

Why Does Your Business Require Video Marketing?

If you are still in doubt whether you need to invest money and time in creating videos or not, read on! In this article, we outline the many benefits of video marketing for business.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing for business is a way of delivering information to your audience through video. Video marketing is the best way to reach your audience, making your brand stand out amongst the tons of rubbish on the web and hitting the bullseye.

Why is video marketing beneficial for business?

Forbes predicted that as early as 2019, 80% of the content we consume will be video. This year, the number is likely to rise. And there are several reasons for this:

1. Video increases conversions and sales

According to the statistics, 86% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website. The same goes for sales. Studies show that 84% of customers pay for a product after watching a video.

Some customers like to read. Or watch pictures. But the brain perceives and processes visual information better. That's why using video marketing for business has grown so rapidly in recent years. This is mainly because videos can deliver content in a variety of different ways. Creating a product video is an important component for your online marketing strategy plan as it helps to visually demonstrate your product for your customers without having to visit in person. Product videos for startup businesses are known to be a highly effective way of communicating that’s easy to consume, commonly used for product launch or brand awareness campaigns.

Another reason: your customers are guided by emotion, not logic, when making a purchase. And a video is best at creating the right mood, encouraging the visitor to click on the "Order" / "Buy" button.

2. A video returns the investments

High-quality video requires a lot of time, expensive equipment, and the involvement of experts. That takes money. But 87% of companies said that video pays for that investment.

Besides, today you can easily create a viral video from your phone. All you need to do is:

  • shoot during the day in the shade;
  • check the background before pressing the "record" button;
  • set up your phone on a stable surface or tripod;
  • plug in the microphone.

That's it. This is the kind of video that is at the height of popularity right now. Viewers are attracted by the lack of staging and more lively shooting conditions.

3. Google appreciates the usage of videos

Videos increase the time visitors spend on your site. And that, in turn, boosts your website to the top of search results. After all, Google is able to analyze that a person has found lots of useful information on your site. Therefore, insert the videos in articles, descriptions of products, and on the main page of the site.

In addition, such content also promotes itself. YouTube videos are pulled to the top of the search results page.

Tools for creating engaging videos

As mentioned above, it is possible to work without a professional film crew. We have selected the most convenient video-making software on every occasion.


The most convenient app for capturing video from Skype, YouTube, and IGTV. The platform has a clear interface, and users especially appreciate the quality and speed of the rendering. During its operation, the tool does not interfere with other applications.

The editor supports almost all video formats: HD Video, MPEG, OGV, QuickTime, RM, WebM, MXF, WMV, 3GPP. The program is able to handle more than a dozen audio files simultaneously and read about 15 image formats.

The service comes with tooltips that help the novice user to prepare the clip. You can add effects, animations, and titles. There are automatic modes where you upload video, photos, and music, and the program creates a movie by itself.  The converter is available that supports multiple video formats and converts videos at high speed: 1.2 GB in about 10 seconds. This tool is often used to create videos for your YouTube channel.


A cross-platform editor with a user-friendly interface and a pretty good list of features suitable for beginners. OpenShot can work with various video formats, supports an unlimited number of tracks, and has a nice gallery of transitions, filters, and titles. This service is good for beginners with a user-friendly interface, provides basic audio/video composing capabilities, simple filters, transitions, etc. But, unfortunately, OpenShot is far from pro-level, has some complaints about unstable performance and crashes.


Another very good quality editor that supports dozens of video, audio, and image formats. Allows you to quickly and easily convert from one format to another and create your own videos and clips.

The way you work with the program is incredibly simple: first, drag and drop all your videos into the interface and put them on a timeline, and then make edits and changes (apply filters, transitions, adjust the color, sharpness, etc.).

Besides, the editor remembers the sequence of all your edits, and if you need to, it is possible to quickly undo any operation.

The final movie in Shotcut can be converted to any available video format (all formats provided by the FFmpeg and Libav libraries are supported).

Shotcut, besides audio and video, allows you to work and add pictures and photos to your movies. All popular formats are supported: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, and others.

Platforms on which you can promote your videos

Below we look at how to work with the IGTV and Facebook Watch, how Instagram Stories can be useful for marketers, and why, despite the number of competitors, YouTube is still one of the most requested video services.

Facebook Watch

Facebook has tried to make Watch as personal as possible: the videos from the channels the user is subscribed to are at the top of the user's feed, followed by the videos viewed by the user's friends, and only then do the system's recommendations appear.

Facebook itself recommends placing multi-episode programs with clearly defined themes, online streaming of events, and shows with live action for viewers on Watch.


The main feature — IGTV is designed specifically for vertical videos. Yes, people have become so lazy that they don't want to rotate their smartphones to watch videos. How to make use of all its pixels? Show them a vertical video!

Instagram Stories

But long before IGTVб there were "stories" on Instagram, and they changed everything. These are videos that last no more than 15 seconds. They disappear from the user's feed and their followers 24 hours after they are posted.

Media use Instagram Stories to unobtrusively remind readers of themselves, to give them short news or fact, and to draw attention to a recently released text or video by putting an active link to it and attaching a hashtag.


YouTube is an old-timer of video content. Its videos live a long time and can generate significant revenue. Thanks to its affinity with the Google search engine, YouTube videos are perfectly indexed and come out to users at the top of the search results for many search queries.

YouTube doesn't limit the length of its videos or specify certain formats. It is the most proven and democratic video hosting service. It deals responsibly with the topic of copyright and unique content. With the Content ID system, you can tag your videos, thus making yourself safe from copyright fraud.

YouTube allows users not only to earn by placing ads in the beginning or middle of videos but also to create their own promotional videos to be shown as ads before and within clips on other channels.


You must have heard about the human channels of information perception. Where 60% is the visual channel, 30% is the auditory channel, and 10% is the semantic channel.

That's why people prefer to watch video content rather than read a text.

So if you're not already using video marketing, I advise you to implement it sooner. And remember, like any other tool, marketing videos are about strategy and numbers. So, implement it, count it, improve it with great tools, and get ahead of the competition.

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