Why are QR codes with a design better than traditional QR codes?

Why are QR codes with a design better than traditional QR codes?

In an era where QR codes dominate various spaces for commercial, educational, and operations use, QR codes with a design take more chances in getting scanned than the traditional ones.

Because design uniqueness always gets a person’s attention when looking through materials being displayed at a random space, QR codes with design favor more than traditional ones. 

As these kinds of QR codes can gain more attention and scans to make their traditional counterpart, here are some reasons why QR codes with a design are better than conventional QR codes. And why a QR code generator  is better to use than a straightforward QR code generator?

Advances of a QR code with a design that traditional QR codes get left out

Here are some of the advances a QR code with a design has than traditional QR codes.

1. Create a QR code identity for their brand.

The first reason firms should generate QR codes with a design is to create their QR code reputation. Their clients would readily recognize the QR code they are scanning by using it. It also ensures their security when scanning a QR code produced by their brand.

2. Boost a brand’s market presence.

Increasing brand exposure using QR codes is typically one of the top concerns for organizations. They may allow more people to develop brand awareness by creating their QR codes with design. 

In this way, businesses can be confident that the QR codes that consumers will be scanning are from companies and brands connected to them. Furthermore, using QR codes with design in campaigns can enhance scanning results.

3. Makes their QR code professional-looking.

Because anyone can find QR codes anywhere, choosing which you can trust QR codes is a difficult task that consumers face regularly. As a result, buyers and QR code lovers are constantly trying to figure out which QR codes are trustworthy and what are not.

Businesses' QR codes can now seem more professional and separate themselves from regular QR codes. As part of your design, try using your logo and a call to action to make your QR code look more professional. In this manner, your consumers will quickly understand that your QR code is secure to scan and does not jeopardize the security of their data when scanned.

4. It provides a more competitive advantage than a standard traditional QR code.

A QR code with design can provide a competitive advantage over the use of standard QR codes. For businesses that use QR codes to distribute a social media QR code to boost their social media engagements, QR codes with design can help instruct scanners to know if the code they scan redirects to a social media reference landing page. 

As a result, brands that use this kind of QR code can help scanners get a gist of the content of the code held in a campaign.

5. Create safe QR codes

As QR codes gain popularity, QR code thieves devise schemes to commit organizational QR fraud. As a result, regular QR codes may not be secure enough to employ. 

But with QR codes with design, brands can improve their QR code security feature by integrating a design layout that is unique only to the QR code provider they use. 


With today's need to incorporate an inventive strategy to keep a business going, QR codes quickly become their go-to technology tool. As a result, these codes rapidly become a household technical go-to for contactless transactions and marketing means.

As QR code competition heats up, firms may always stay one step ahead of the competition by integrating a QR code generator online that allows the creation of QR codes with design. By creating distinctive QR codes, they can ensure that the QR codes their clients scanned are safe and solely belong to them.

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