What Type of Content Strategy to Choose for Your Website

What Type of Content Strategy to Choose for Your Website

You’ve started a blog or a website, got it running, and actually written some content for it. This seems to work, but only a bit. Why is that?

Content is so diverse today, people expect to see more than just the traditional type of content. So, once you create your website and put it out there, you need to throw different types of content to attract more people to it. The more inspirational and unique you are, the more you’ll rise in the online website world.
Content marketing is extremely important today. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it is the most powerful digital strategy for business and marketing, regardless of the business’ size or purpose.
Knowing this, I present you with 5 proven effective types of content marketing.


You have sure heard of blogging. In fact, you probably know some bloggers. Everyone does today. Blogging is popular for earning some money, promoting yourself or your business, and also – marketing your business.
Creating blogs is a great way to boost your ranking in search engines and drive more people to your business. It is said that the websites that have blogs have a much higher chance of getting the first spots in search engines when a customer searches for a relevant keyword.
With the right content and the perfect wording, you can use blogging to boost your SEO. The more valuable your content is, the more likely will people consider your company when they decide to purchase.
Blogging can be complicated and demanding if you don’t have the time to dedicate to it. If you don’t, there’s always a solution like a thesis statement generator or a writing company that will do your blogging for you. The important thing is not to skip steps and destroy your blogging success because you failed to write some content for a week or two.


Nowadays, videos are the most widespread type of content marketing. This is the hype of the digital marketplace because it is simple to watch and does not take a lot of time. That is, of course, if you make your video content concise and clear.
If you want to engage your audience quickly, you can always spice things up with some videos. Use them to present your products and services, create video tutorials, or create videos that you’ll promote on social media to bring more people to your website.


Infographics showed up a long time ago and many people think that they are long gone. They can’t be more wrong. Infographics remain a great content strategy and statistics prove it without a shred of doubt.
An infographic has a grand purpose – to provide useful information in a visual and concise form. When you use this type of content on your website, you’re giving your visitors a chance to visualize the data. It works perfectly with statistics and timelines.


eBooks are your way to educate the audience about your products and services, as well as to establish yourself as a true expert. Unlike the rest of the techniques in this list, eBooks usually come in a long-form and take more time to grasp. However, they teach people something and answer their questions. Knowing that most people visit the internet to look for answers, it is obvious that this content strategy can be successful.
Moreover, eBooks are often a marketer’s way to offer something for free, which definitely attracts more people to a site.
The most important thing about eBooks creation is the use of keywords. If you want people to use your eBook as a solution to their problems or an answer to their questions, you need to make it accessible to them. Therefore, your eBook must contain the keywords the target audience would use to access that specific information.
Try to keep your eBooks to 4 or 5 pages long. This isn’t an actual book – it’s a guide that shouldn’t take much of the time of your visitor.

Social Media Influence Blog

Social Media

Social media is extremely powerful today. By using ads and social media posts, you can share your content with an enormous number of people. The content you post there must be tweaked to fit the platform you’ve selected. If you do this right, you can expect many new customers that wouldn’t look you up in a search engine, but came across your business while using social media.
And trust me, the number of those people makes a really big difference.

Final Thoughts

In the past, the only way to reach out to an audience was the written content. However, the competition back then was very small. Now that we are looking at an extremely competitive online market, it is only natural that people seek for new ways to attract the audience.
This is where all the content types come from. You don’t have to use them all at once, but you should definitely test each at some point.

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Michael Turner
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