What Makes Great eCommerce Design?

What Makes Great eCommerce Design?

Designer stores on the high street don't just sell the most luxurious goods. Their stores themselves are also designed with expensive furniture and fittings to provide an enjoyable experience for the customer.

Whether you're selling high-end goods, or you're trying to create a cooler, independent vibe, your online website should fit the feel of your business. Here are some ways you can create a great eCommerce design for your business.

Customized features

The best websites always look like they've been designed for that specific brand to sell that specific product. That's why the best way to create a great eCommerce design is to choose an entirely customizable platform. Magento is an open-source system that allows developers to edit every aspect of a page, so they can match your brand's style. As it's designed specifically for eCommerce, it is an ideal tool to use when building a new website from scratch. The most effective way of getting the best site is by employing some with experience specializing in this system. For example, the Magecloud.agency is a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience using this system to design attractive websites. They'll be able to advise how to take your brand's colors, font, and character and recreate that on a new website.

Easy to use navigation

The ability to navigate around your website is arguably even more important than the way it looks. Poor navigation can make any potential customer lose their patience and simply decide to buy what they need from a different website. Avoid menus that users must place their mouse over to load. Even the smallest of movement from a mouse or touch screen could reset these features unintentionally. Also, avoid drop-down menus that open up other down menus, and make sure each button is big enough that they can easily be clicked or tapped.

Quality photography

One of the most significant selling points of your websites should be the products themselves. Make sure you take several high-quality images of each item so the customer can clearly see what they're buying. The image of the product should be the biggest and most eye-catching thing on the product's page. You don't need high tech equipment to achieve high-quality images. Nowadays, just a smartphone with good lighting and a professional looking background is enough to achieve a good look.


When people talk about accessibility, it can mean several different things. It can mean making sure that it's accessible to people with sight problems or poor vision. Choose a clear, readable font that is in a big enough size for your customer to read. Make sure you pick contrasting text and background colors, so the words stand out from the page. Accessibility could also mean making sure everyone can load the page, whether they're on a mobile device or have poor internet speeds. Make sure there aren't any overly elaborate features that could slow down the loading time of each page, and that the design remains clear on all devices.

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