What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?

We know what marketing is, all of us have been subjected to marketing at some stage of our lives and we all understand ‘traditional marketing’.

This type of marketing can take forms like radio ads, television spots magazines and billboard advertisements. These are very popular methods of advertisement why is why they are still used by so many. There are two shortcomings, though.

1.Traditional marketing can be very expensive. For many smaller companies, this type of advertising is simply beyond their reach. Traditional marketing has long been the domain of larger, more ‘successful’ companies. The risks associated with this type of marketing are often too high for the smaller firm to bare. If a campaign fails, it could be a disaster for the company.

2.Traditional marketing is hard to track, and does not provide the kind of feedback that a company might need. Data is collected a good long while after the initial ad run, even then the numbers are long way from being accurate. There is just no real way of measuring the success of a campaign before it’s too late to do anything.

With digital marketing, however, companies are more easily able to see how a specific campaign is going and whether or not a change of direction is required.

Statistics are available in real time, which can prove to be invaluable. Things like which ad is being looked at, for how long and even how often.

User interaction can also be looked at. If you need to know that an is having an effect, like a viewer clicking through, then this is very helpful.

Online digital marketing Vs internet marketing

Many people believe that these two things are the same, but they really aren’t. However, the question ‘what’s the difference?’, is still a valid one. At its centre, online digital marketing has its roots in the internet does help to explain why people think digital marketing and internet marketing are the same thing.

That being said, they are still different things. Internets marketing encircles many digital marketing services and products such as SEO (search engine optimisation). Also encompassed is display advertising and email marketing. All of these things also define online digital marketing, but there is much more to it than that.

Voice and fax broadcasts, podcasts, SMS marketing, smartphone applications also fit with digital marketing. These services fit in with one, but not the other.

Marketing budgets seem to be getting tighter  these days. Allocating spending and measuring the success of marketing campaigns are important for any business type.

Digital marketing allows for the real time tracking of campaigns. This is exactly what business owners need in order to satisfy themselves that their advertising campaigns are actually working for them. Digital marketing has become one the most important marketing strategies of the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why.

Nobody is suggesting that you should choose one marketing method over another, but forewarned is forearmed. Go with what feels right for you and your business and you can’t go too far wrong.

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