What Experts Are Saying About Digital Marketing

What Experts Are Saying About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term under which different categories like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content creation, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. also come along. Needless to say, that without digital marketing, running a successful start-up is impossible.

Digital marketers are hired in a large number by every company and paid quite well. With the ongoing pandemic, the demand for freelance digital marketers has increased rapidly because they can be hired at a minimum fee and provide quality content.

But the industry of digital marketing is quite dynamic. New kinds of tools that are launched in the market help in the lead generation, SEO, email marketing, and make those processes easy with a single click. The market has grown so exponentially that many software companies like Salesforce have their own certification exams. Let’s have a look at some of the best expert advice.

A. Use Time Judiciously.

If you are a CEO hiring digital marketers or a freelancer looking for high paying projects, always keep in mind that time is the most important thing. As a freelancer, if you think that you can’t handle multiple projects, don’t deliver unsatisfying work to the companies. It will automatically ruin your career.

Doing more projects increases not only your experience but also fosters corporate relations. Having more contacts will eventually increase your popularity in the market and thus your fee too!

Also, with changing times and technology evolving so fast, you must be up-to-date with new software and trends. If you think that you need a break for some time to upskill, go for it!

B. Decide Your Niche.

Just like content writers decide their niche to provide quality content in limited time, similarly, as a digital marketer, you must specify your niche. Once you get experienced in a particular niche, you can easily design the email marketing strategies, SEO plans, and social media campaigns.

This will add extra value to your work and skills. Try to provide something extra to the clients with an added pinch of your creativity.

C. Keep Professionalization In Mind.

It has been noticed that if you are a big MNC and have a lot of data to handle, better budgets for social media campaigns, and paid marketing, you must hire digital marketers permanently and not interns or freelancers. Freelancers work on multiple projects at the same time, and this might affect your digital marketing department.

Always ask the right set of questions to digital marketers, especially the courses done by them. Time commitment and transparency are required in this department, which must be taken care of.

D. Do Full Research.

For a successful career in digital marketing, you must understand the working of the company, the business model, and loopholes in the product/services. After doing extensive research, you can easily fill the gap through social media and marketing.

You can recognize the audience and convey the results of the survey to the managers or higher officials. In this way, you can climb the ladder of success and ask for a promotion or salary hike. Don’t become a ‘Yes, Boss!’ and rather convey the truth to your senior officers.

E. Strategize

Look at your competitors and then carve out your strategies. Make a detailed report on how to achieve the targets – weekly and monthly ones. Keeping the brand image in mind, formulate a framework. Use that framework to optimize every future step you take.

Although many risks are involved in rolling out a new campaign, it must be based on the ROI (Return On Investment) rather than just intuition. The report metrics must concentrate on analytics and statistics. After analyzing the reports and data, if you notice anything unfavorable, immediately change your plans.

F. Never Hesitate To Learn.

Even after doing tons of projects, you may still fail to provide the best results in a particular project. This is because it is a dynamic field that requires regular upskilling. Regular articles reading, following a successful digital marketer, attending workshops, and doing courses are very important ways to sustain for a long time in this industry.

Even as an employee, some companies can shy away from spending their budget on training you on new software and trends. However, you can take the help of regular podcasts and webinars held and uploaded online to brush up your knowledge.

G. Focus On A Long-term Relationship.

Freelancers generally think that a 2-month or 3-month project is enough to get a spike in their fee. It’s a myth! A long-term commitment will help you not only to know more about the client but also to help you improve your skills other than digital marketing.

Since you will be working closely with the management team, you will get a chance to work on your soft skills as well. Giving more presentations and attending meetings will inculcate professionalism in your work.


So, these were some of the best advice by successful digital marketing experts. Following their path, you can surely reach new heights of success and avoid the common mistakes that freelancers usually commit while working.   


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