What are the web design trends 2020?

What are the web design trends 2020?

Web design trends in 2020 are going to go to the next level as the developers now prefer to experiment with different styles and fonts in order to stand

Web design trends in 2020 are going to go to the next level as the developers now prefer to experiment with different styles and fonts in order to stand out. Listed below are the web design trends that you need to watch out for in 2020:

1. Text is the hero

The text-only trend on the websites is fast catching up and is quite intriguing as it has enabled the removal of the background image and let the typography do the magic. Earlier, putting the text “above the fold” area was becoming popular, but the experiments have changed to only text website. 

2. Involved illustrations 

Illustrations have been popular on websites, but over time there is a trend of choosing custom, detailed, and well-executed illustrations that are going to be the need of the hour. Combining illustrations with animation is a great idea and can easily grab attention and communicate effectively. Animated illustrations are ideal when you want to represent subtle and secondary features instead of the main elements.

3. Vintage-inspired colors and typography

Texts and colors that were used in the old days, especially the ones from magazines and television work as a throwback to the previous time periods. The pre-internet era also has a certain influence over the vintage-inspired themes and is going to be the highlight of 2020. Websites are now mixing modern elements with vintage ones and coming up with the best of both worlds, which a great experiment. 

Vintage elements are basically used to display the feeling of nostalgia, which is one of the reasons for choosing this theme for websites where the brands have a similar trait or identity. Using the modern aesthetic over the vintage design is the key to success. 

3. Monochrome theme

Black and white was a popular theme year, and this year, it is still going to continue as more and more people are now experimenting with this theme and come up with classic looking websites. The focus of the websites is primarily on choosing black and white typography with grayscale images. The idea is to keep the website crisp, clean, and modern with minimal elements.

4. Grids meet cards

Most of the websites that you find today are designed like a grid system, which helps make the items look organized and in-line. In 2020, the grids are becoming visually dominant and use primary design aesthetics and are similar to the card design. Another thing that can be done is to use different sized cells so that the website gets an interesting structure.

5. Outlined typography

Being unique with your typography is another popular trend that is going to rise in 2020. Being distinctive is essential to any website, and it is important that you experiment with the fonts instead of just sticking to the old ones that you have been using all this while. We already have web fonts; we need to come up with fonts that bold and diverse when it comes to web typography.

Massive font size

Another trend that is going to rule charts is to use large fonts over the web. The concept is to read the fonts from across the room. Hence, it is necessary to overlook the font size on the web and to ensure it is big and clearly visible.

Geometric shapes

Fluid and organic shapes were quite popular till the last year and will continue to trend this year as well. Lines, patterns, and geometric shapes are going to return back. Using geometric figures in the most crucial area of the website can be done to grab quick attention of the consumers.

Animations that are triggered by the user

You must have independent animations on a website that are meant to take action as site visitors. The 2020 trend is such that audiences will be given the option to feed in an input, and the animation will play accordingly. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is to make balanced use of illustration and typography. One of the recent ideas is to lead the people to play with the typography after they feed an input. Such type of animation tends to engage the users and make them stay on the website for some time. With this, the consumers become a part of the website experience and will want to interact further.

Watch out for more trends and follow some of the ones that are mentioned above for excellent user experience.

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