What are the three major web hosting types?

What are the three major web hosting types?

A successful website is the foundation of any successful business.

During the past few years, many companies have shifted online, so in that case, you can’t skip the most crucial step, and that is choosing the right Webhosting for your business website. It is the primary and the most crucial step while starting your business online.
There are many ways to find the best commercial web hosting solutions for your business website when there are many that can provide you excellent services with a 24/7 customer support system. Choice of your web hosting services is directly proportional to your needs.
There are major three types of web hosting solutions that could do wonders for your business.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is the best option for a startup business. Shared web hosting the name suggests sharing the same hosting space on the same server by multiple websites. Shared web hosting is split into various sites and the resources shared by several other customers, so it is more affordable than many different types.
It allows the user to manage their website and maintain all the necessary changes as per the need, but in some cases, it is controlled by the hosting services itself. In the shared web hosting, a user can share access to various features like databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, disk space, monthly traffic, and various other add-ons.
This style of hosting is best suited for the startups and small business who has just entered into the world. It is more cost-effective but fruitful for the site with high traffic, and volume, so for that, you need to move into more advanced and dedicated hosting solutions.

Virtual private server (VPS)

When you feel that your website need more power than an entry-level web hosting, then Virtual private server is the best option for you. Virtual private server (VPS) has more advanced feature than the shared web hosting and allow more space to use. With a VPS hosting solution, you can enjoy greater disk space and hire overall resource availability, which is necessary if you want to expand your business and go beyond the basic shared hosting level.
In the shared web hosting, there are several other websites sharing the same server that could affect your website’s performance, but this is not the case in the VPS. In the VPS hosting, there is no sharing of the server; as a result, it offers better overall performance based on the bandwidth it provides to tee users. You have more flexibility to run your website even when you have high traffic demand or multiple sites to manage.

Dedicated Webhosting:

If any company is looking for more power and control, then you can need search for the services provider who is offering you dedicated web hosting. With the dedicated web hosting, you can hire a server for your business website and use their resources.
By choosing dedicated hosting services, you will get complete access and all the resources of a single server. Shared and VPS web hosting is suitable for small and medium websites, but with the dedicated web hosting, you can run your business website or even your commercial websites too. In addition, it will also provide more stability and reliability than shared web hosting.
Take above mentioned advantages into consideration while choosing the right webhosting solution for your business and commercial website. Shared webhosting is comparatively cheaper than VPS and dedicated webhosting, so you can choose as your requirement and budget.

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