Ways to get Your Website Noticed

Ways to get Your Website Noticed

Are you struggling to get your website noticed? Perhaps it’s getting noticed, but still you crave more visitors! Well, this is perfectly normal, and there are a number of ways of doing it.

We always want more traffic for our websites, so it’s important we’re taking advantage of every opportunity we have to get them noticed. Here are some of the best ways you can get your site in front of the right people:


It’s easy to click a link on Google and end up at a website that looks just like all the others. You read the info, go back to Google and never think about that website again. However, you don’t have to be just another website, and you can stand out from the crowd through your design. The best web design Staffordshire can help make sure you have a website that catches people’s eye and puts your brand firmly in their minds.


It’s estimated there are around 4.2 billion web pages on the internet. This means that whatever you’re writing about there’s going to be competition.

If you just go through the motions with your content, then your page isn’t going to be much different from the majority of the other 4.2 billion out there. However, if you go the extra mile and offer your readers value, then you will get noticed.

You have the opportunity to give people something for nothing, and when you do, people start to notice you.


When you make a search in Google, how often do you look at the results on page two? The answer is probably “not very often”. If your website is hidden away on page two, three, or four, then it’s simply not going to get the attention you want it to. Every position your page rises in the SERPs means more exposure and more clicks, so your SEO is very important.

If you can consistently get to the top three positions for your keywords, then it’s going to have a big impact.

Social Media

They say a big part of marketing is reaching people where they are, and for over 4.5 billion people that’s on social media. If you don’t have an presence on these social platforms, then you’re missing out on a huge amount of exposure.

There are plenty of excellent techniques you can use to boost your social media presence, but one of the key things is being consistent. It takes time to build your presence, but once you do, you’ve got a great opportunity to put your brilliant website in front of a large audience.


Growing your website’s reach organically takes time, but while you’re doing it, you can also use paid advertising to bring in visitors. Whether you do this on the search engines, social media, or somewhere else, this is a very quick way to reach a large audience, and if done right, it can have great results. Don’t have to wait to do this; you can start right now and significantly boost the exposure of your site.

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