Virtual Team Building Ideas to Revive The Energy Within Your Company

Virtual Team Building Ideas to Revive The Energy Within Your Company

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, employee roles have drastically changed.

Gone are the days when the staff meetings happen in a stuffy room as the boss rambles on with no end in sight. Instead, more employees work in satellite offices or remotely in various locations, making in-person gatherings challenging. 

Remote employees require alternative accommodations for group meetings, but this setup can also affect company energy and morale. 

Having staff members who work away from the office can directly impact their bond with their co-workers and overall productivity. 

How to Use Team Building Activities Effectively

Thankfully, there are ways an organization can bring back the energy and focus it needs in its employees, even when they work remotely. For example, technology allows for virtual team-building activities that enable everyone to join in and participate.  

Think of it as investing in the employees

Integrating team building is not a waste of time or money, either. Organizations should consider these events as an investment into the people that work there. That does not mean that a company needs to spend thousands on an employee retreat to see results. 

Small group tasks can still provide exceptional bonding elements when incorporated correctly. For example, weekly puzzle or riddle challenges can be a terrific way to bring employees together without sacrificing a lot of time or money.  

Utilize them often

Team building games and tasks have also evolved from the old annual company picnics that the older generations experienced. Today, these activities can range from monthly to weekly events to help keep the camaraderie alive and well within the organization. 

Although many corporations recognize team building as a positive way to engage their staff, they do not enforce them frequently enough for maximum benefits. Continuous activities will ensure that employees continue positive communication and bond together. 

Find what works

Not every team-building activity will work for a group of employees. Just as not every supervisor will utilize the right management style for each subordinate, team games and tasks may need to change as the company's needs evolve. 

For example, if one activity does not provide the necessary results for bonding and cooperation, switch gears and find an alternative activity next time. Likewise, finding the best ways to encourage employee interaction will help build personal connections in the workplace. 

Sample Virtual Team Building Ideas 

There may be one or more ideas on this list to use for virtual team-building with remote staff that can provide beneficial results. 

  • Pub Trivia 
  • Virtual Wellness Breaks: online yoga class or meditation breaks 
  • Pictionary 
  • Online Bingo Games
  • Scavenger Hunts 
  • Digital Multi-Player Game Apps 
  • Hot Seat Questions: using a timer to answer as many random questions as possible from another employee
  • Would You Rather Questions: choosing between two ridiculous scenarios can be entertaining for everyone
  • Name That Pet: try to match a submitted photo of a pet to its owner 

The choices for virtual team building tasks are vast and can be suitable for short or long-term online gatherings, no matter the organization's needs. Seeking out alternative virtual games and activities will give employees a way to break up their workday and look forward to group activities. 

The Takeaway 

Team building games and activities can be a terrific way to bring together employees who do not work together in person. Whether an organization has remote workers or uses a staff in satellite offices, virtual team building can encourage bonding and restore workplace morale. 

Remember to keep an open mind and regularly incorporate fun tasks into the work environment. This way, it makes it more enjoyable for everyone while improving productivity and camaraderie. 

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