Transform Your Website Using Proper Web Design to Enhance The Customer Journey

Transform Your Website Using Proper Web Design to Enhance The Customer Journey

The web is an indispensable part of our lives, and as a result, businesses need to be represented online.

Having a website is no longer an option for most businesses today, as companies need to represent themselves online. User experience is one of the most important aspects of online representation. The way that a user interacts with the website and the business' other channels can change the way that a business is seen by potential customers. A good website design will include the following website design elements to improve.

Evaluate Personalization

Successful UX experiences are a direct impact of personalization. There are numerous factors that play a role in this and there are new tools being developed each day to help businesses with this. However, the key to personalization is having a proper understanding of who your target audience is, how they behave and the content that will attract them. To start understanding your audience, you need to complete audience segmentation and look at their trends and behaviors.

Personalization on your website could come in the form of content marketing, or advertising the way Google, Facebook and Spotify do. Digital games and gaming apps use advanced levels of personalization to attract customers. Personalization is becoming important in eCommerce and offline shopping as well.

To successfully personalize the experience for customers, you need to match settings and content to the preferences of the target group. There is a lot of readily available information that you can use to help with this. Of course, you could simply ask your users and customers if you could use the information that is already available online on social networks and search engines.

This information will include search keywords, the devices they use, analyze ad clicks and how users are referred to your website. Shopping history, demographics and other preferences can play a large role in making the experience of your website more personal.

Take advantage of Chatbots

Chatbots and AI technology are something businesses should consider, although the latter is still in its infancy. Chatbots are also still far from where we would like them to be, but remain a great tool for initial customer service. They can also be used for customer retention and in making a user feel engaged when on social media or your website.

If you are going to use chatbots, you need to know your users preferences, the trends and how the target group behaves. You also need to consider the fact that chatbots are a turnoff for most consumers. Since you can’t opt into using a chatbot, most website visitors will feel like they are forced to engage.

It’s important to remember that chatbots are still in a trial and error stage. This means that you will need to rely on knowing the audience that is going to use the tool. Getting the right tone and vocabulary is important if you want chatbots to work for your website.

The Use Of Visuals

Most websites, particularly those that are B2C, have found that the use of images, emojis and videos have been very successful. People generally find this content to be more engaging and the behavior is natural in the online world. This natural content will ensure that your customers respond more openly to your website.

If you have a more business focused website, the interactions, usability and tone will differ. Having said that, we live in a very connected world. It’s important to remember there is a person behind any business. This has led to people and markets being more open to casual tones and language.

Another aspect that the modern user prefers on a business website is getting straight to the point instead of taking a detour to the bottom line. While having a chatbot available or a communication channel that is always open is important, users will look for clarity and specifics that a bot cannot provide. One way to provide this information or to convey some complicated ideas is through the use of videos on the website.

Video has proved to be an invaluable tool for businesses because they need to keep textual messages short on their website or their social media. Video has become an easy way to communicate information that needs more than a few lines of text. 2017 has, in fact, been hailed as the year of the video, which shows that video content is slowly, but surely becoming the most popular content on the internet.

If you are just getting into web or UX designs, knowledge of how to manipulate videos is a must. Be on the lookout for courses to take at design schools that are directly related to this. This skill will become more helpful as the years go by.

Images are also an important part of UX design and have retained their popularity over the years. This is particularly important if you consider the move to mobile design, which includes less text, but does have more conversations and rich content. Fewer words are important, but you will be able to use visual explanations for certain information to provide the information that your users are looking for.

Proper website design will not only help a website visitor navigate around your website effectively, but also lead to increased conversions. Keep your customers in mind when working with a website design agency to create a new website design.

Posted by Sheila Martin

Sheila Martin
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