Top UI/UX Design Tips to Enhance the User Journey on Your Website

Top UI/UX Design Tips to Enhance the User Journey on Your Website

So, finally, you’ve realized UI/UX is the major crux of your product design, whether the product is a mobile application, website design, or something else.

While it must be evident that UI/UX is vital to product design, many UI/UX designers still have some misconceptions about it.

The Role of UI/UX Design

Designing websites and applications pose certain challenges –

  • Facilitating workflows & intricate tasks
  • Enabling users to manage and comprehend convoluted data
  • Accommodating an assortment of business needs and processes.

But, in the end, all these efforts are entirely worth it. Because effective implementation and design can have constructive and profound implications for accuracy, efficiency, and satisfaction in a varied range of environments. One of the ideal ways to do this by rendering positive and intuitive UI/UX. Nearly 74% of businesses believes that their superior UI/UX is their best competitive differentiator that attracts clients.
With these facts in consideration, you’ve probably understood why you should have a kickass UI/UX design. Here are some top tips to keep in mind that may further tweak the way you work to deliver even more immeasurable results.

Don’t keep on reinventing the wheel

Do you know what UI/UX design is all about? It’s “engagement.” This engagement is the most vital element in app development. However, UI/UX designers frequently become a victim of thought of reinventing. This is actually wrong.
There are many reasons why all mobile apps & sites are designed the way they are. Wondering why? This is because users are used to their working processes. This is the psychology of their prolonged habit. Not all users like changes every single time. The desire to reinvent manifests itself in odd color schemes and baffling navigation patterns. As a result, this approach affects engagement & scores off the users you want to get engaged with.
This is why it becomes better to use tested and tried designs. It also makes your target audiences familiar with your software products and makes use of it conveniently.

Typography is a BIG must

Typography lets users navigate via your services, products, website, and content expediently. It should be simple to read and can be elegant yet simple at the same time. Remember – it should not ever get in the way of their activities. It takes an immense skill set to apply typography and makes it more engaging while ensuring it has a vast visual hierarchy. Audiences nowadays prefer to read content with good typography & when executed well; it becomes a big plus point in IX/UX design.

Make Things Simple for You & Your Target Audience

While creating a mobile or web app, your aim should always be that the user will never require using the “Help” tab. Prefer putting yourself in the user’s shoes whenever creating a wireframe for your business app/product/site. Ensure the content is organized in a manner that makes the perfect sense for users. Integrate CTA actions and buttons where a user would easily find and need, be it a “Sign Up” button, “Contact Us” button or “Add to Cart” button. Make it simple and ensure you have a great UI/UX.

Understand your users’ needs and demands

Understanding your users’ needs and demands perhaps seems a simple and obvious tip, but it’s different over here. Hear me out to know! UI/UX designers can’t decide out the right UI/UX design scheme till the time they don’t understand the needs and demands of their target users. Well, this is a real problem. Why????
This’s all because of false assumptions. Many times, if you’re working in a market segment, you never understand what the users’ needs and wants without studying. And then some of your assumptions meet that mark, and much of it will not.
So, get all the vital UX information right by following the mentioned two things:

  • Conduct surveys and gather the feedback
  • Examine how user use your services, either in person or remotely

Answers to these questions are going to form a foundation for your business and your valid UI/UX design.

Try to be a good user yourself

To be able to design good UI/UX, it is important to think to form a user’s perspective. Think about how a user will look at your web app, website, or mobile application. Try creating a design that makes everything easy for a user. Following the latest design trends is not the thing; instead, stick with the ones that work great for your users. Think about any needs in mind, but ensure to balance it with something that the user wants. Create something out of the box by putting the user’s interests at the very first.

Make it simple to standout

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French writer and poet, once said, "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." All prefer minimalist and straightforward design nowadays. Make your forms, buttons, and layouts simple; however, leverage images, colors, and effective icons to make the UI more stimulating. Consider not trying way too harder for adding patterns, gradients, and shadows. Add flat designs since they are easier and classier for users to process. Consider keeping them more interesting by incorporating buttons, colors, and images to make impactful visual interest.

Avoid excessive scrolling

No one likes to scroll way too much! Try to have every page short and considering breaking bigger things up in an intuitive manner. Consider adding different tabs to differentiate sections or pages from one another. Tip – If you got a great of content for a feature, consider adding some buttons onto it with some catchy CTA that users will not be able to resist.
So, here are some of the top Calgary Web design UI/UX tips, which I think are pretty important but are intermittently overlooked. Make sure you’re one the one liable for making the same mistakes!!
If you think there are any of the tips which I have missed, drop your message, and I’ll have a look into it.

Posted by Ardie Cash

Ardie Cash
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