Top Reasons For You To Choose Mean Stack Development!

Top Reasons For You To Choose Mean Stack Development!

In this digital era of 21st century, the process of web development and tending to services for increasing demand of mobile and web applications requires the involvement of various technologies like web servers, libraries, front-end frameworks and database systems to create something sophisticated and world class.

This has taken a futuristic turn over a recent year due to technological advancements. MEAN stack is one of the recent developments in 10 years which is an ideal composite of web platforms specially Node.js web development platform which is a free and open source with dynamic JavaScript support. MEAN is an acronym which stands for Mongo DB (database system), Express (back-end web framework), Angular.js (front-end framework) and Node.js (back-end runtime environment).

MEAN Stack is all in all a powerhouse of web developing executers and environments; therefore it is wise to use it for your next web project. Below are the essential features that make using MEAN Stack a top reason for your web development needs


MEAN Stack is a leading superior technology which enables isomorphic coding in which code transferring from one framework to another is very easy, which is inadvertently due to JavaScript support. This allows a JavaScript specialist to manage code from both client side and server side, effectively cutting time in project completion with the help of MEAN Stack formula along with keeping the same framework without any shift. With Node.js, a developer can install the applications on the server directly without the need of installing it to a stand-alone server.


MEAN allows you to test an application or host it on a cloud after its development while you can carry out with the tasks of adding extra information or forms using MongoDB. MongoDB includes the feature of layered compelling databases that can be automatically shared, replicated with full cluster support.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used in both Angular.js and Node.js along with MongoDB, as a format for interchangeable data in every step of interface programming for an application. Its ubiquitous nature makes MEAN stack incredibly easy, eliminating the need of rewriting or reformatting of datatype despite the complexity.


For companies involved with web development services and app developments, it is beneficial to use MEAN stack. They do not need to hire special web developers, instead in-house, JavaScript proficient, developer team is enough for the task. This makes the whole process cost-effective and also enables the team to gain expertise on MEAN stack development.


MEAN stack has gained a throughout support and validation from industry leaders as well as different communities. MongoDB has already a starlight support and Azure and AWS are the two biggest cloud providers already supportingNode.js. and AngularJS is supported by Google.


Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript and functions more than a traditional web server. Using MEAN stack, a web server is included in your application and disposition becomes at ease. It is highly advantageous as it operates on a single thread for processing incoming HTTP requests and handles multiple incoming requests efficiently.Node.js is an ideal choice for developing real-time web applications like chatting applications and scalable, supporting thousands of concurrent connections.


All the technologies in the MEAN stack are free and open-source, hence any developments or version upgrades are done by a vast community of developers is beneficial for any web developer. Everything pertaining to MEAN stack is accessible in libraries and public repositories and reduces the development cost. MongoDB is NoSQL and a document model system which installs cloud functionalities within the app by reducing the disk space cost.

These technologies were developed at different points of time but over the time got grouped to form a stack. This was possible due to common JavaScript programming language support which can be as dynamic as it can be; suitable for both server-side and client-side .

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