Top 8 Best Development Tools You Need in 2020

Top 8 Best Development Tools You Need in 2020

When it comes to software development strategy, it is not possible to forget tools that bring out the great outcome.

Developers around the world use several tools to make the workflow efficient, easy and fast.
These tools are rich in great features and user-friendly to use. Software developers also need to follow the latest trends and tools to make out the best output in the web app development work.

Best App and Software Development tools:


Atom is a friendly and open-source code editor that remains up to date. It works for various OS platforms like Linux, OSX and Windows.
Key features:

  • Anyone could edit the looking because it is customized in nature
  • There is a smart autocomplete and built-in package manager with find and replace attribute.
  • It can be used to build a cross-platform app

AWS Cloud9:

In the year 2010, it was an open-source and cloud-based integrated development environment. It supports various languages like C, Python, Perl etc. but later on in the year 2016, Amazon Web Service took over this to introduce some changes.
Key features:

  • Used for scripting, debugging the code and running.
  • Sharing of the environment with the workmates for the projects
  • The developer could make the entire replica of the entire development environment
  • With the help of this tool, the user could work with server less applications.


For the code review and code management, it is the most powerful tool. Using this platform, the developer could build mobile apps and software that fulfills all clients’ requirements. It is easy to manage the project using this mobile app development tool.
Key features:

  • Security and integration
  • Good access control among team members
  • It could be hosted on cloud platforms, Windows and Mac Operating System
  • It is easy to use for the experiments of using new programming languages.


It is the best tool to make out the responsive websites using popular languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This tool is also an open platform and is used to implement websites faster in a simpler style.
Key features:

  • Customized features
  • With the help of drag and drop facility, a user could make a website in a less time
  • Providing built-in components
  • Pre-built components, responsive grid system, plug-ins, sass variables and mixins are some powerful features of this tool
  • Guarantee of the consistency among all members who are involved in the project


Bitbucket is a web-based version control system and it is mainly used for collaboration among team members. This provides an easy workflow and makes the process fast and efficient.
Key features:

  • There are many services like code search, Git large file storage, and integrations etc. which are supported by this tool.
  • It is easy to organize the repositories into the project.
  • With its integration into the prevailing workflow, the developer could do the rationalize the software development process
  • There are unlimited private repositories and flexible deployment models.

Code Lobster:

It is a convenient, free and well fully featured web application that supports JavaScript, Twig, Smarty, HTML and CSS.
Key features:

  • It supports various CMS platforms like Drupal, Magneto, WordPress, Drupal that makes the development process easy.
  • It also facilitates the user to debug the program before executing the code
  • Also, the user could enjoy the browser preview and the file explorer facility.
  • There are advanced features like CSS code inspector, auto-completing of keywords, PHP advance autocomplete.


AngularJS is popular among mobile app designer tools. It is another open-source tool to build up a dynamic website. It is a JavaScript-based framework which is used to make the web applications in a faster and secure manner.
Key features:

  • It works easily with other libraries
  • It contains various advanced features like localization, reusable components, deep linking, and dependency injection.
  • This tool also contains a built-in protection concept that prevents various attacks like cross-site scripting and HTML injection
  • It works on both desktop and mobile browsers with a client-side concept.
  • Good working with data-driven applications


Java developers mostly use this tool which is the most popular IDE and used to develop applications in various programming languages like PHP, C, C++ and C# etc, It is an open-source Mobile app designer tools which play a vital role for the development of innovative and new solutions.

  • Its various attributes are refactoring, code completion, syntax checking, rich client platform
  • It easily gets integrated with other frameworks like JUnit, TestNG and another plug in


So these are the web development tools which could be considered to make the workflow easy and efficient. All tools are holding an important aspect and used by all types of development companies. Don’t forget to share your comments below.

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Noman Shaikh
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