Top 5 Effective Email Marketing Campaigns that have Succeeded Regularly!

Top 5 Effective Email Marketing Campaigns that have Succeeded Regularly!

In today's digital era, the role of email marketing campaigns in establishing and nourishing brands is immense and indisputable.

While many brands are at sea about how to derive the maximum results from their email marketing initiatives, a set of brands are regularly successful in rolling out effective email marketing campaigns. 

Competition is intense. The number of emails that people receive today is huge. People are becoming more and more impatient, and they instantly delete what they find of no value to them. Businesses had to break the wrath of their emails getting deleted from their customers' inboxes.

Companies struggle to achieve a high open-rate, get more sales, and, more importantly, enjoy customers' "likes" for their emails! 

Here are some of the global brands famous for their effective emails, which result in expected outcomes such as customer engagement, trust, loyalty, subscription, and conversions.


Grammarly is immensely popular for its engaging marketing emails, and it is the best example of effective email marketing campaigns that work excellently.
It is a given fact that we trust customers' reviews and testimonials rather than product sales copies. Grammarly leverages this and capitalizes on social media proof to convince the audience that what Grammarly offers is worth the time and money for the buyers.
Grammarly utilizes a time-limited offer such as products with specific expiration dates to instil a sense of urgency among the prospects. This approach leads to immediate action from the audience, usually resulting in more sales and more revenue.


PayPal is a well-known brand famous for its warm customer relationships with consumers. A reputed payment processing platform globally, they excel in rolling out effective email marketing campaigns.
The elegant design and the striking structure of the marketing emails from PayPal invariably amaze its readers. PayPal emails are characterized by content that connects with the audience at an emotional level. The use of relevant images adds to this emotional bonding with the audience. 
Marketing psychology professes that the blue colour is associated with feelings of trust and security. PayPal cashes in on this idea, literally.


Canva is a renowned brand that enjoys an envious brand image and loyalty from its audience. People across the globe like the marketing emails of Canva for their unassuming, simple design augmented by an even simpler structure. Canva's marketing emails are highly interactive, and that encourages customer engagement greatly. Well-positioned and straightforward call-to-action in its marketing emails make the subscribers of Canva act instantly!


LinkedIn, the trusted brand among professionals all around the globe is popular for what it preaches – a fantastic "connection" with the customers. 
The live demo feature of LinkedIn emails makes them more personal, more readable and pave the way for a better human connection. In addition, they use actual photos of real employees in their marketing emails to add to the brand credibility.

The emails from LinkedIn are subtle in selling. The content is short. Well-defined call-to-action that is well-positioned either at the top or middle of the email elicits an immediate response from the readers.


Dropbox is one of the best examples of successful email marketing campaigns that thrive on effective retargeting. Dropbox utilizes the concept of retargeting by convincing people easily, which other brands find difficult. It is quite usual that people forget what emails they read and from which brands over time. Retargeting is all about reaching out to them again. Dropbox does this the best.

Dropbox uses soft colours and fun graphics instead of overt "come back to us" for subtle yet successful retargeting. The emails remind the readers about what Dropbox offers them, the easy access and easier use. Dropbox provides true value in their marketing emails in refreshers courses that teach the users to navigate around the tool with ease.

Final Thoughts

Established brands are innovative in their approach to ensure that their email marketing strategy is effective and successful. They incorporate appropriate ideas and practices to make their email marketing campaigns effective and successful. 

Companies can model their strategy on successful brands. But, at the same time, the uniqueness and appropriateness of their email marketing initiatives are essential for any brand – well-established or just a new business.   

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