TOP 5 Best Career Apps of 2020

TOP 5 Best Career Apps of 2020

The year 2020 is the perfect year to get a job. Brexit is shifting the work-balance in job seekers favor in the UK, and new tax incentives in the US mean that business is booming and companies are looking for employees.

 But, where to turn if you are unemployed? Here are five of the best career apps to get your foot on the ladder, and to continue your climb to the top.

1. Job App

Do not be fooled by the simple name. Job App is the newest 2020 app on the market, and it is taking the business world by storm. Blue chip companies are falling over themselves to get on its register, and it already has the backing of several international corporations. Find a job that is suited to you, your skills, and your experience.

Plus, this system brings new jobs to the attention of its users faster than any other system to date. You will see new jobs on this app faster than if you are using government-funded websites and recruitment websites. What’s more, this app is completely free from spam adverts. The only adverts you see are for real and legitimate jobs. It is truly one of the best job apps on the market to date.


Your career consists of more than getting a job. Let’s say you find some job openings with the Job App, and now you wish to apply. Where do you turn? The team at have done a fantastic job creating a service that allows people to both get a career and improve their career.

Start with a brilliant resume to help you get a new job or improve your current resume and apply to another company. Applying to another company is sometimes the quickest way to earn the position just above yours.

Rather than laboring away in your current job, you apply for new jobs that are one position above yours. That way, you change jobs and get a promotion at the same time. Thanks to the Resumable service, you can improve your resume and skip from one job to another with ease.

3. Ziprecruiter

If you have ever listened to Bill Burr’s podcast, then the word, “ZipRecruiter” should raise a dry smile. Bill is supposed to advertise the company on his podcast, but he spends so much time saying their name in funny ways that he often forgets to promote them.

You may already be aware of their website. They have turned their website into an app so that they may also send you notification when a job you want is heading your way.  It has its fair share of spammy jobs, but it has enough name recognition to pull in genuine job posters too.

4. Glass Door

Wondering what it is like to work for a certain company? Have you received a job offer from a company and you need more information? If that is the case, then the Glass Door app is the one for you.

Current and ex-employees of a company are encouraged to offer their thoughts and reviews on the Glass Door system. In essence, you are getting a look at what it is like to work for a certain company. There may be human elements to a job that are not mentioned in job adverts, such as grumpy managers or unpaid overtime. All these things and more may be researched using the Glass Door app. Plus, it is sometimes fun to see what disgruntled staff have written about their ex employers.

5. LinkedIn Job Search

Compared to the others on this list, the LinkedIn job search app is pretty weak. Yet, it deserves entry because its owners are promoting the app almost all the time. They are really investing a lot of money into keeping this app running and maintaining its user base. This means that there must still be companies and individuals who are using it.

There are some who say that the LinkedIn app is great for finding jobs that have not been advertised yet. So, if you are willing to do a little digging around and investigating, then maybe you can find a new job with the LinkedIn app too.

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Ava Williams

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