Top 11 Web Design Trends for 2019 You Should Not Ignore

Top 11 Web Design Trends for 2019 You Should Not Ignore

Every passing year, we see new trends in web design, starting from unique color choices, font styles, typography, voice, VR interfaces to everything UX.

The web designers and companies constantly try to renovate the existing website templates and themes to give them a more attractive look, luring more and more web visitors.
So many great things are happening around web design/UX in 2019 as web designers are coming with most innovative and industry-defining trends. So, without adieu, lets deep dive into:

Most Popular Web Design trends of 2019

11. Punchier and Vibrant-looking Color Palettes

As we all know, bright colors instantly strike the reader's eyeballs and put their focus on the spot. Therefore, in 2019, punchier and vibrant-looking color palettes are a common trend across many popular websites like Spotify, SecurInvest etc. Bright blues have emerged as the most popular color choice among web designers./p>

10. Emotional Design

Apparently, in 2019, we have seen a lot of websites trying to establish an emotional connection with users in an attempt to capture their attention. Building an emotional connection with customers or delivering messages that strike right through the emotional chords of web visitors is all that emotional design relates to. There are four basic categories of emotions- joy & sadness, trust & disgust, fear & anger, and surprise & anticipation.
So, as a web designer, think about your website content and the category, which it falls into automatically without giving a second thought. Afterwards, use different colors, imagery, and user interfaces as per the chosen group to further connect with users.
You must also know that every visual design element allows the users to get a clue about the way they should react. For example, the presence of bicycle in the given picture gives an impression that users should ride along with it.

9. Presence of In-Depth and almost 'Real' Design Elements

Although virtual reality has not taken that bigger step in the web design/UX field, its influences can be easily seen in web designs of 2019.
In 2019, web designers are constantly adding more and more in-depth design elements in website themes that gives a tactical and real feel to users. According to a web design company, animated illustrations and three-dimensional elements, shapes or products prevalence in websites make users feel that they can touch such objects. As designers start increasing the use of such elements, it will soon become the hottest trend in 2019, improving overall user experience.

8. Thoughtful Animations

As you know, animations are an indispensable part of the app and web designs. Web animations are a great way to draw user attention towards any website, drive engagement or tell users a story. Using animations in web projects allows users to have an in-depth understanding of web design and connects with it instantly. For more explanation, click on the given examples and experience it yourself.

7. Uncanny and Abstract Design

Every passing day in 2019, the web designers around the globe have added more and more absurd and abstract design elements into their websites, providing a surreal experience to the web users. Again, the reason why these crazy ideas work is because of the ability of web designers to establish an emotional connection with users, as discussed in the above point. Maybe, this is because web users also imagine themselves inside such uncanny and abstract designs.
In short, the ultimate goal of abstract and surreal design is to create a fresh style that keeps users engaged. Well, hope this design will continue for the upcoming years as it leaves an elephant-size room for creativity.

6. Single-Page Design Re-enters

It is not long ago when we heard phrases like scrolling is dead. Now, the web designers have gone back to this old trend in 2019 by creating single page designs with unique scroll features and impressive storytelling, keeping users engaged and entertained too. Well, what everyone now knows is that single page designs are more compatible with small devices as users get everything in-front while navigating through the website menu. So, you must not ignore this trend as we all know that most of the web visitors today are mobile users.

5. Brutalism Hits Mainstream Again

Brutalism refers to a style in digital design that deliberately tries to look as haphazard, unadorned or raw. It generally gives a flashback to 1990s-style websites that were almost naked HTML sites with simple monochromatic monospace text. To get more idea about the same, look at the examples.

4. Vintage-style Typography/Creative Serifs

Vintage-style typography and creative serifs are one of the most refreshing design trends of 2019. Rounded slabs, text elements, and serif typefaces that give an older feel were commonly seen around the web designs of 2019, Some of the popular brands like MailChimp have also shifted towards the vintage typography and san serifs for their website.
The biggest factor contributing to this trend is better screen displays or resolutions across the majority of the internet devices, allowing users to clearly see the minute details in website design and easily read the Serifs.

3. Writing for UX design

In 2019, we saw a unique trend where all good designs were featuring some element of messaging in the form of text. As customers on the internet today are self-aware and well-informed, they demand authentic web experiences. Catering their needs, we have seen more and more web designs focusing on writing for the UX. Therefore, good UX writing is critical for web designers as they have minimal space to tell their story.

2. Split Screen Design keeps Rolling

The split screen aesthetic includes breaking a desktop screen into two panels where content is present and automatically collapses into smaller vertical content blocks for small screen devices. It is still a great way to create a seamless UX with eye-catching themes.
While many of such split screen design uses 'side-by-side' screens that look similar, the asymmetrical splits for content are also becoming immensely popular in 2019. This provides more hierarchy in the design for desktop users highlighting the larger website elements (In case of mobile users, the items on the top of the website are by-default considered to be the priority element).

1. Text Filing Web Design

You must not get shocked if we say that 2019 was the year when more and more web designs gone with the text. Starting from the stacked headlines with plentiful words and a few images, we have seen an entire shift encompassing text as the featured element of the website.
For web designers, the easier way to get started with text-heavy designs is to create double or triple stacked headline on the website landing page. The trick to make text design work is whatever content there is in the design it needs to be valuable and users must read those words with a certain kind of interest. So, plan and choose your words carefully and hope for the best.
So, that sums up the best and most trending web designs in 2019. The website designs this year and beyond will be greatly inspired by things like user-friendliness, user experience and user intent, as recommended by Google. Moreover, we will see a lot of mobile-friendly web designs, as businesses are now becoming aware of the importance of mobile users/customers.

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