Top 10 Student-Run Startups

Top 10 Student-Run Startups

College grants you the rare opportunity in life to meet people from all different corners of the globe and walks of life.

It’s also the perfect time to think about what you want to do with your future, and perhaps an even better time to take advantage of the hundreds of startup student ideas available for grabs.
You don’t even need to have a world-changing idea to get started. The most successful student business ideas range from selling green tea to teaching kids how to code using emojis.

Speaking Emoji

As promised, the first startup on the list was started in 2018 by a student from Northwestern University. It helps young children the fundamentals of coding by bypassing frustrating aspects such as syntax errors.

Shockingly Sweet

This cleverly-named startup manufactures coffee cup lids that literally shock your taste buds into thinking you’re drinking sweet. If you ever needed to cut down on sugar, here’s a perfect solution.

Culture Trip

Culture Trip might be an interesting inspiration for startup student UK because it was entirely founded and funded inside the UK. It deals with creating original articles, videos, and animations to promote travel all over the world.
Their story goes to show that everyone needs help at times, whether for proper dissertation writing help or for thinking up your next startup ideas. You never know, it might save you some precious time by outsourcing a few things like writing work in thesis, college essays, or term papers.

Office Buddy

Started at Stanford, Office Buddy is an AI chatbot that keeps track of a company’s employee knowledgebase. This makes for an easy future reference point.


Syllable is a California-founded startup that hosts an electronic syllabus to help students keep track of their work. Students simply log into the portal and record their schedule. The app then sends periodic emails and reminders to help you stay on track.


Reddit has probably outgrown the ‘startup’ title by now but is an unlikely contender for most dominant social media networks in the world. It was started at the University of Virginia by two college students in 2005.

Smart Stitches

Smart Stitches is, again, a cleverly-named startup that creates clothing for people struggling with autism. It has sensors built into it that alert caregivers when the wearer is at risk of having a panic attack.

Verb energy

There are two kinds of people in the world - tea and coffee lovers. The Yale student that founded Verb energy is the rare third kind that likes both, so he decided to manufacture caffeine-induced energy bars. You never knew you needed them until you heard they existed.

Student Startup Ideas


WordPress was founded by two college students dissatisfied with the CMS offerings of the time. They ended up upturning the whole content management market and are the most dominant force in the field.

Gym Shark

For the startup student that’s still not sure, this company was founded in a garage back in 2012. They specialize in creating gym clothes for both men and women.


The modern tech industry rewards people that output quantity over quality, which may pressure the average student into thinking they need a billion-dollar startup idea to get anywhere.
The truth is, there’s no need to churn so much effort and time for little to no result. If you think your idea is worth something, do some market research, get some feedback, build a prototype and repeat. You’re going to get it right.

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