Tips for Community Moderation for Your Tech Blog

Tips for Community Moderation for Your Tech Blog

The public nature of the internet can make it difficult to know how to drive traffic through community engagement with your tech blog and social media.

Use these tips as a guide to help you learn moderation techniques to create a welcoming space for your users.

Post Community Guidelines

Create a clear set of rules for engaging with your company on social media and blogs. Post a few paragraphs that explain the conduct you expect in forums. Elaborate on the consequences that occur for violating that policy. Detail how many times someone must violate the policy to be blocked. Be upfront about what you expect from posters and users of your site. The clearer you are about expectations, consequences, and the environment you want to create the fewer problem you experience.

Assign a Moderator

A moderator or manager can help you monitor for posts from trolls or posts meant to incite or harass a community. Make it their job to examine content to make sure it meets your community guidelines, engage in conversations, and post content. Have them remove content that does not meet those guidelines and black abusive users. Leading the charge in the industry to create a space free of harassment, some of the best tech blogs have moderators appointed to regulate the behavior of posters in forums.

Establish Private Space

Use the tools available to determine if only specific groups of people need to see certain content. You can also form private groups for some of the members to have discussions, so long as those members still adhere to community guidelines. You can control content dissemination by location or a myriad of options. Feel free to disable some posting functionality for some users. You can determine the amount of functionality based upon specific criteria of consistent interaction.

Post Meticulously

Tailor your content to meet the interests and needs of your target audience and regular posters. Update this content regularly and ask questions to encourage participation. Make sure people sign-up to create a profile on your blog, and you can send out invitations to take part in surveys to gauge user experiences. If you use another social media website, then you can post your study in the discussion section or send out private messages.

Incentivize Regular Positive Contact

Give prizes to people who participate in discussions and follow the rules regularly. You can create online stickers to go with their profiles. Outline the exact criteria for collecting each sticker and assign a title to each so that other community members know their status. Demonstrate rewards for active, consistent posting and following community rules to create users who can serve as role models.
These tips can help you begin to establish community moderation practices for your tech blog. You can find even more great tips on the mashup Webpurify’s recent post sharing the best 22 tech blogs. Use these tips to create a welcoming experience to engage with your blog community and increase traffic to your website.

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